Cars, lorries and other driving vessels

“Rides of all kinds, are beckoning you to drive, at least, in your dreams” Gun Roswell 

Cars, lorries and other driving vessels

Driving, is a form of meditation, especially, when on a very long haul, where sometimes even time will stall, where the calm of the empty highways, might just cause some unexpected smiling, when finally alone with ones own thoughts, causes a pause, from the daily life, and then to ponder as to the lived life, as there is nothing else to do, except the path ahead to ride.

But, if you are not prepared for that moody blue mood, and the thoughts while left alone, does not really yourself suit, and you really want to have some more fun than simply riding in silence and being totally stunned, then why not put on some travel music instead, and see where it all could lead. Maybe hum along the tunes of old and goldies, or then, rap along the modern sounds, but most importantly, the best thing to do is, to enjoy the ride.

In cars, lorries and other kinds of vehicles you can make the trip either short or even a long one, depending on what the motivated the plan in the first place, but then again, embarking on the ride just for fun, can easily be done.

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