The blue side of the moon

“The moon in the blue sky – isn’t it a tad too early for it to be showing?“ Gun Roswell

The blue side of the moon

It was still too early, the skies all blue and surly, as if being unaware of the stalker out there, doing its thing, even if it was not the time for the moon to sing. So, the question remained as to why this keeper of light of the darkened night, was now out there at this time of day and in plain sight no less, rather careless on its part?

Investigating this odd behaviour seemed rather moot, as getting up there in the tall heavens themselves and asking the question even was rather difficult without a spaceship or even a rocket. But, maybe, simply observing the skies for a moment, an hour, a day, even a month, would give some insight as to the why.

But, after a week the skies remaining blue and sleek, and the moon? Well, it too had emerged there, each and every day, as if proving it could and there was no further dismay of that happening. So, the thing now, for the mere mortals below, as to accept the simple fact, that the moon behaved like it wanted, and despite being out there with the sun, there was no harm to those remaining on the ground.

The lesson learnt here might have been, to simply accept, adore what up there can be seen, even if it is a moon in broad daylight, just keep looking at it, and smile!

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