Red sky in the evening 

“The red is the colour of the magnificent sunset painted in the sky of the evening’s moment high” Gun Roswell 

Red sky in the evening 

Fire engine red, someone in the watching crowd said, as we were all gathered for the spectacle of the evening displayed in front of us on the sandy shores, and certainly never a bore was this setting told on a lore, as the sun with a loud roar dropped into the deep waters from the sky above. It was told in a story once in the past and the glory of the moon would create such a blast at least for the duration of the night to last hurling the drowning star deep into the waters far to cool down for a moment until once again in the morning it would rise its crowning head from the watery bed, rays curling up slowly but surely until reaching the highest peak in the bluest of skies then warming us dwellers again with the bright white light for a while until the night once again arrived and the moon would overpower the sun, thus completing the circle of routine once again neither of them really winning the game. But that is just fine as in the end, we truly need them both.

The two faces of the moon today

“The moon is either hidden or visible, with so many sides to it, crescent, half and even full“ Gun Roswell

The two faces of the moon today

The moon stood proud without any kind of shroud covering its face in the blue skies, right in the middle of day light, even if it had been several hours for it to already say good night despite the morning hours, but due to its nature, the day was the moon’s sleeping time. Still, guess the all mighty and powerful sun did not mind, for a bit of a competition of the admiration kind as the moon now visible was almost blending into the blue hues as enhanced by the sun’s bright light.

But during the night, when all others had most likely gone to sleep, into a slumber so deep as it was totally quiet all over the globe, except from the sound of the sparkling stars high up in the night skies. But, they were not a match, to the almost fully formed patch, glued most likely permanently to dark canvas, showing off its better side of the face, always keeping the other side hidden, but hey, for those of us worshippers totally smitten, this side was always nice to see.

Sunrise by the seaside

“The cliche of a sunrise, well, it just makes me smile to look at it, that’’s all, the sunrise I mean, not the cliche!“ Gun Roswell

Sunrise by the seaside

Walking on an empty beach in the early morning hours simply to reach, that best spot on the sandy shore, to catch the first rays of the dawn. Making my space on this on specific place as I wait with patience for the spectacle of the morning display to come alive because without that special thing to be seen, I am not able my day to begin, rather falling to a pit of darkness, caring less of it all, and that is no way to be living.

But I am staying strong, knowing the ball of fire will not take long, to make its appearance like it always does. And it is simply because if a day would happen, without seeing at least of glimpse of that one shiny thing high up in the skies, then most of us would likely die and that is no lie. As the bright and fiery star even from a far, give us all that we need to survive and if we are smart, we keep on worshiping the bright bringers of life each and every morning, as it rises over the horizon.

Cloud whisperer 

“Look up at the skies, those gorgeous clouds up there can whisper you the most beautiful lies” Gun Roswell 

Cloud whisperer 

The fluffy soft white clouds high up in the blue skies, will tell you no lies. That is, if you are ready to believe all that which they have to tell you, as the total of truth. But you must also know, that despite their fluffy cuteness, they may be not always be so totally honest, but that does not necessarily mean that what they tell you, is any less. It is completely up to you, what part of their tales you decide to choose, as win or loose, believing in any kind of truth is always a gamble of big stakes with no one to blame. So, listen really carefully all the whispered words, those clouds above you are willing to disburse, and after all of it you have heard, then filter out the blurbs and form the perfect sentence, leading to a very good ending. Then use it as your guideline, when things are going fine, but if they turn to worse, simply reverse the order of all them whispered words and a new guiding line will once again work. At least according to the half truths softly whispered, but somehow loud, by those mesmerising soft fluffy clouds, spinning their yarn of tales all too fine, high up there, in the blue skies. But hey, those clouds cannot be faulted for their good natured actions, as they are mere reflections, of our very own wants and desires, to only hear the half truths and the appealing lies. 

High up the blues in the skies

“Keep watching the above skies, you’ll never know what you there might find” Gun Roswell 

High up the blues in the skies

Glancing up, towards the clouds made of fluff, I see all the blue hues covering the ceiling of this wide world and then I am feeling, like the one and only lucky little geek, as I can sit here and just be, for a while at least, simply free of all the worldly troubles down here on this very ground. But up there only stars and the moon can be found and it all sounds like a nice space to escape to, at least sometimes. And after a while as I have fantasised, of being a being able to fly, high up there and after the moment has passed and I’m back on this so called earth again, as I stand and gaze up towards the skies I just left before coming back down and guess what! I am feeling, fine even without spending one dime and then, I can once again smile.

Moonrise after sunset

“The moonrise, something which always makes me smile, even if I love the sunset, but then again, which is better, I cannot really decide“ Gun Roswell

Moonrise after sunset

Sometime after the sun has been setting, and itself to a state of sleep letting, the moon is slowly rising, just there, across the horizon. Its light still faint and bland, nothing compared to the suns shine so grand. But, it does not matter, as its good to dwell in the hazy light, at least, for the length of the night. Dozing off for a moment, and when sleep eludes, then best bet, is to take a glance at the moon. It will make the onlooker smile, even if it is just a crest for tonight. But when it gets to its fullest, then better watch out, as the night sky is never at the dullest. Keep staring at the moon light, at least, once a night and there will never be any doubt or fright, of your path not being lit up, what ever the time. The sun may brighten your days, but the moon will keep your nights in a low level daze, as it truly, has its own flare.

Sun reflected, just before the setting

“It’s an odd effect, up there in the sky, especially during this seasonal time, yes, I am talking about the sun” Gun Roswell

Sun reflected, just before the setting

It was an odd effect to say the least, as the January evening sky, filled with such magnificent light. It wasn’t as bright, as those days of summer’s nights spent, watching the skies, hoping for something great to pass us by. Despite the long-lasting darkness, of the Polar Nights effect, which often frightened us, leaving us void of any contact to the eternally burning bright light high up there, in the stratosphere. Then with that one terrifying thought ever present, the sunshine will never again us warm pleasantly. But, today, all doubt could finally be cast aside, as the blue hues out in the open wide skies, burst into a moment of sunshine, just a few though, before a slow and generous colour of bright red, spread all over, making the horizon look like a priced painting stolen, for all to see. This special treat won’t soon most likely repeat, but until next time, this will leave us feeling, just fine.

Some kind of sunset

“The sun is setting and I am letting, my hair hang down, after all, time too, will stall “ Gun Roswell

Some kind of sunset

It’s not very often, one really gets, to the state of that simple awe
But today, that totally happened, simply, from what I out there, saw
The countryside, the fields, the very open wide, of the high skies
All covered in rays of various blues, oranges, purples, reds and yellows
Making you want to stop and stare and shout out, really loud a “hello!”
This unexpected and odd effect, especially, during the time, of the year
When all is dark and there is nothing there, except maybe, the fear
That the sun will never, ever again turn up, and light our darkened way
But today, it was a special kind of a treat, where the feeling of defeat
And against all the odds and the grey and dull, was lifted for a moment
As if the nature, wanted, us, the dwellers of earth, get out of torment
Then, with a show so spectacular, painted the colours, across the sky
Before retreating, once again, and leaving us, the earth and all, behind

Seasonal Skies

“Just keep on watching the skies, even if you something odd spy, like blue skies!” Gun Roswell

Seasonal Skies

The low hanging clouds of the grey skies
Was the trade mark of this seasonal pie
After all, it was, once again, the time of fall
Even if somehow, the summer, was skipped with five
Or more days, despite the occasional mild
Some might call warm or hot weather on the side
Of May, June, July and perhaps even August went wild
For half a day or so, but I digress, because this
Was supposed to be about skies
Which do not really care that much about the season
Because given even a smallest of reason
The blue skies, will try to push through all
The dark cloud coverage, because they are simply that bold
And even if the clouds hanging low and grey
Will put up, quite the menacing albeit picturesque display
The bluest of blues, are my kind of hues
Snapping, snapping, snapping my clicker away
Wishing, that maybe, this time, they will longer stay

Under, the Rainbow

“Life, can be a dance, under the rainbow, provided, you’ll be able to find the end” Gun Roswell

Under, the Rainbow

The darkening of the evening, had in mind, a big surprise
As I was driving down the slow road, my small eyes spied
Looking up, towards the turning of the skies
Delivered, for only little old me, myself and I
Was the most gorgeous display, on this land side

Rainbow, flashing in so many wonderful colours
I swear, those colours, had clearly detectable odours
Glaring, staring, there, behind the wheel, in total awe
I quickly had the epiphany, i.e a somewhat good thought
Maybe trying to capture the end of the thing on a photograph

Alas, real life is usually much better in realtime vision
And picking up that camera, and driving, was most likely not the best decision
So, pulling aside, at the first option, when it finally arrived
Getting out and up along the curve of the street in five
Then snapping, snapping, snapping away like a child

Well, I did not really find the exact end of the rainbow
Not a pot of gold nor some life lessons for me where told
Alas, the memory of the pretty thing up there in the skies
That will last, for a very, very long and memorable time
And should I forget, well, I have a few blurry snaps to reminisce