The Sun

“The sun is shining again, after a long time being on the bend, at least, here, Up North, there is hardly any kind of daylight seen, not until now, the sun so bright, here is definitely light, in the darkness” Gun Roswell

The Sun

The sun became the very one, a synonym for late spring and summer, because before it was a total bummer, rain and wind, snow and cold for a while long, but now, it’s starting to look a lot like not x-mas, rather the days of something else, greens, blues and other colours too, life everywhere sprouting out, and all someone had to do was to shout; summer is here!

But, do not fear, winter will get back on schedule soon enough, if you are interested in that kind of stuff, like the snow and the sleet, when you totally get cold feet, but for now, let’s simply look up at the skies, as times do fly and soon enough, there warmth of the sunny rays, will be to bed laid.

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