Bright ball of light in the skies

“Sunshine is always good, when it shines like it should” Gun Roswell 

Bright ball of light in the skies

Sunshine and bright blue skies makes one smile 

Grey skies and thunderstorms might too be fine

But the snowy vistas of winter with everything bright

Then add to that a shiny ball of sunny rays 

And no amount of gloom here will stay

And that is why winter with snow is so great

Except when it’s really not

And then only wishing for days hot

Filled with sunshine all day long

The setting moon

“The moon is setting, making way for the rising sun, if you are letting it, but perhaps try time to stall” Gun Roswell 

The setting moon

The moon will be gone, for a moment at least, while the sun rises, but hey, it’s all good, as the glowing dusty ball, will be right back there again when the night starts to fall, and then, once again, basking under the moonlit sky, with a heavy hearted sigh, is possible for the short while, the sun is gone, until the next morn’, when the same cycle will be starting all over again.

The Sun

“The sun is shining again, after a long time being on the bend, at least, here, Up North, there is hardly any kind of daylight seen, not until now, the sun so bright, here is definitely light, in the darkness” Gun Roswell

The Sun

The sun became the very one, a synonym for late spring and summer, because before it was a total bummer, rain and wind, snow and cold for a while long, but now, it’s starting to look a lot like not x-mas, rather the days of something else, greens, blues and other colours too, life everywhere sprouting out, and all someone had to do was to shout; summer is here!

But, do not fear, winter will get back on schedule soon enough, if you are interested in that kind of stuff, like the snow and the sleet, when you totally get cold feet, but for now, let’s simply look up at the skies, as times do fly and soon enough, there warmth of the sunny rays, will be to bed laid.

Up there in the high skies, the moon spies us

“The moon is always shining, up there in the high skies, even if it is not so bright” Gun Roswell 

Up there in the high skies, the moon spies us

The day bright and full with sunshine, the skies blue as can be, but there is one thing so totally off and perhaps even wrong, as there is something up there too, mixing with the calmest and coolest of hues. Any that, is the dimly lit moon, hovering above us all, not afraid to fall, over the horizon, where it as supposed to be for at least the time of day, when the sun should be the one to dominate, but it seems today, that is not the case. As if being an opposite kind and of a day, with the nightly vision hanging there, as by someone’s decision to leave it up there, for whatever purpose it might serve, no one really knows, but as long as the winds blow and the earth keeps on rotating like it is supposed to, there really is no reason for panic, even if this is not going as planned, and perhaps this unusual event is not to prevent the sun from shining, rather enhancing the experience for us dwellers on the ground.

The moon in the background over there

“The moon is always there, always present, always hanging there, in the background, day or night, it’s got its space covered, apparently “ Gun Roswell 

The moon in the background over there

The all mighty and powerful moon, some say, it was up there in the tall skies, way too soon, as it was only past afternoon, the skies still blue even if there had not been a sun up there for a while. But, there really were no complaints about it, as most dwellers really enjoyed seeing the always very mysterious and its magical dim light, shining more than bright on this day.

The secret though, is not that the moon will go, into hiding for any kind of show, sun, thunder or whatever is thrown upon the small planet and the living creatures below. As this hunk of rock hanging out there in space just above the blue globe it stays, it really never goes away! Hanging in hiding, in the background of the day and in the spotlight during the night, having its personal space all day long, even if the light is not that strong, as it really is not, even its very own, rather borrowed from the sun, and aint’ that all a great big pun!

Red sky in the evening light

“The setting sun, is always fun to look at, at least until the darkness settles, when the moon gets all the attention” Gun Roswell

Red sky in the evening light

The sun, late in the evening, settling down, even if it was only just the time of “pre-evening”, still early, to get the skies all dark, as the search for more light, was on the agenda of the day dwellers, trying to do so once again in a hurry, as the sunlight was fast failing and the darkness would lead them to a doom if they had nothing to use to keep the monsters at bay, especially those whom were of the sunshine afraid.

But, soon enough, the sun started setting fast and painting the skies in reds, oranges and yellows for a moment to only last, as a sign for those dwellers to hurry it up, as too soon enough, the darkness was settling in, and the moonlight, usually a saviour for the night, was still nowhere in sight. So, all kinds of fake lights, such as oil burning torches were lit, keeping the elicit at bay. As they were all now secure from the upon coming darkness, the dwellers had finally the time to enjoy the ride of the setting sun, before the day was done and the last rays were gone.

Moonrise in the blue skies

“The moon is on the rising, even if it is just afternoon, well, never mind, I am still smiling“ Gun Roswell

Moonrise in the blue skies

Playing peekaboo and hide and seek up there in the high skies, the moon was ready to rise even if the sun was still nowhere near its setting. But the moon did not mind, to share the space with one of its kind even if it was less brighter and much smaller than the big sister the sun. And even if it had been fun, running around circles in the great heavens, having hidden and peeking out every once in a while, certainly causing a huge big smile on the faces of those onlookers who had spotted the small size planetary object hovering there above them. Still, enjoying the sunshine, at least for a while longer as the time for the night was still beyond the horizon, the day dwellers, would soon turn into night time watchers, only waiting for the smaller kind to take its position up there in the high skies, even if for now, it was the time of the sun to shine and then, make a spectacle while setting for the night, but nothing compared the pale light of the moon, once it had taken its place in the night sky high above all else.

From darkness into light

“Trying to reach the lighter side while flying towards the sun, can be hard“ Gun Roswell

From darkness into light

The wings heavy and exhausted from flying all through the night, but the fight to survive is far from over. Or at least, that is how it feels, as the only thing this winged being wants to do, is to get into the bright light of the day, wherever it may lay ahead, at least that is the hope for the weary traveller up high in the skies.

But what happens when the darkness finally ends? After having so much time inside there spent, can the light really be the long awaited saviour our winged friend was looking for all this time? Is the feeling they had been looking for simply fine? Basking there, in the eternal light, without any strife the best way of living it, only nice?

Well, guess we will never find out the total truth as some of us prefer the lure of darkness, the shadows so safe, there is simply no way, letting in that bright and shiny sun into the corners where we, the dark dwellers 

Oh so very cloudy

“The skies are totally covered with some kind of thick blanket of a thing… Oh, clouds them be!“ Gun Roswell

Oh so very cloudy

The skies were slowly turning, from their usual blue hue churning, filling up with a more thicker substance in all the colours of grey much to the dismay of those dwellers on the ground expecting the full force of the sun to shine upon them, as it had been foretold and reserved even.

It was suddenly getting a lot more darker each passing moment, as if there was some kind of a major storm event on the rising, right out there in the far away horizon, and none of the onlookers were smiling, as this was not what they had ordered, from the weather gods beforehand.

Oh weather, thou art a heartless wench, never the one to follow direction or orders from anyone else, and now, today, the only fun and sun filled day off the shore, was supposed to be the ultimate score for those lowly dwellers of the ground having their spot in the sun found

But no, not today, not for those tiny people would be a play as the clouds were dark and thick and filled with thunder and rain, no, today was going to be hell and pain, and yes even more rain, as the weather gods had changed their minds once again, just for the heck of it. Oh shit!

The blue side of the moon

“The moon in the blue sky – isn’t it a tad too early for it to be showing?“ Gun Roswell

The blue side of the moon

It was still too early, the skies all blue and surly, as if being unaware of the stalker out there, doing its thing, even if it was not the time for the moon to sing. So, the question remained as to why this keeper of light of the darkened night, was now out there at this time of day and in plain sight no less, rather careless on its part?

Investigating this odd behaviour seemed rather moot, as getting up there in the tall heavens themselves and asking the question even was rather difficult without a spaceship or even a rocket. But, maybe, simply observing the skies for a moment, an hour, a day, even a month, would give some insight as to the why.

But, after a week the skies remaining blue and sleek, and the moon? Well, it too had emerged there, each and every day, as if proving it could and there was no further dismay of that happening. So, the thing now, for the mere mortals below, as to accept the simple fact, that the moon behaved like it wanted, and despite being out there with the sun, there was no harm to those remaining on the ground.

The lesson learnt here might have been, to simply accept, adore what up there can be seen, even if it is a moon in broad daylight, just keep looking at it, and smile!