Up there in the high skies, the moon spies us

“The moon is always shining, up there in the high skies, even if it is not so bright” Gun Roswell 

Up there in the high skies, the moon spies us

The day bright and full with sunshine, the skies blue as can be, but there is one thing so totally off and perhaps even wrong, as there is something up there too, mixing with the calmest and coolest of hues. Any that, is the dimly lit moon, hovering above us all, not afraid to fall, over the horizon, where it as supposed to be for at least the time of day, when the sun should be the one to dominate, but it seems today, that is not the case. As if being an opposite kind and of a day, with the nightly vision hanging there, as by someone’s decision to leave it up there, for whatever purpose it might serve, no one really knows, but as long as the winds blow and the earth keeps on rotating like it is supposed to, there really is no reason for panic, even if this is not going as planned, and perhaps this unusual event is not to prevent the sun from shining, rather enhancing the experience for us dwellers on the ground.

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