A pool, made to be dived into


“There is a pool out there, mighty cool blue and fresh looking too, quite tempting to be dipping into” Gun Roswell 

A pool, made to be dived into

The calming blue hues of the silky feeling liquid, filling the very large size tub, or what some might call a swimming pool, something someone thought might be a good idea to do, which was to fill a place, totally waterproof, up to the hilt with stuff so cool, that the colour of it would ensue, even if something was to disturb the very surface while diving into the tempting blue liquid, and then to play around inside of it, like a kid whose just come home from school, and had seen all the infinite possibilities of this great big puddle of water, even if it meant to be acting like a fool, still a small price to pay, for this kind of soothing place, to be able to roll around and even race, against any other willing participants joining in this phase, even if it was on a daily base, perhaps only possible during a summer time, but when the option was presented, then taking full advantage of this great experience.

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