The moon in the background over there

“The moon is always there, always present, always hanging there, in the background, day or night, it’s got its space covered, apparently “ Gun Roswell 

The moon in the background over there

The all mighty and powerful moon, some say, it was up there in the tall skies, way too soon, as it was only past afternoon, the skies still blue even if there had not been a sun up there for a while. But, there really were no complaints about it, as most dwellers really enjoyed seeing the always very mysterious and its magical dim light, shining more than bright on this day.

The secret though, is not that the moon will go, into hiding for any kind of show, sun, thunder or whatever is thrown upon the small planet and the living creatures below. As this hunk of rock hanging out there in space just above the blue globe it stays, it really never goes away! Hanging in hiding, in the background of the day and in the spotlight during the night, having its personal space all day long, even if the light is not that strong, as it really is not, even its very own, rather borrowed from the sun, and aint’ that all a great big pun!

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