Red sky in the evening light

“The setting sun, is always fun to look at, at least until the darkness settles, when the moon gets all the attention” Gun Roswell

Red sky in the evening light

The sun, late in the evening, settling down, even if it was only just the time of “pre-evening”, still early, to get the skies all dark, as the search for more light, was on the agenda of the day dwellers, trying to do so once again in a hurry, as the sunlight was fast failing and the darkness would lead them to a doom if they had nothing to use to keep the monsters at bay, especially those whom were of the sunshine afraid.

But, soon enough, the sun started setting fast and painting the skies in reds, oranges and yellows for a moment to only last, as a sign for those dwellers to hurry it up, as too soon enough, the darkness was settling in, and the moonlight, usually a saviour for the night, was still nowhere in sight. So, all kinds of fake lights, such as oil burning torches were lit, keeping the elicit at bay. As they were all now secure from the upon coming darkness, the dwellers had finally the time to enjoy the ride of the setting sun, before the day was done and the last rays were gone.

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