Mending fences

“Something about the fences, having been erected all over the place… doesn’t seem right, to keep something in or someone out, right?” Gun Roswell

Mending fences

They are all over the place, wherever you look, there is no cranny nor a nook, which has not been secured, by some kind of fence, either keeping something on the inside of it, or then, perhaps, not wanting trespassers getting there.

Whatever it is, someone wants to keep secure, thinking them things precious or at least, or perhaps they are afraid, that some kind of beast, will come around, and destroy it all?

Still, seems odd, as to why anything should be boxed in, for others not to even have a look-see, but hey, perhaps, there is a loophole of a kind, something to take a little peek through, and see, what it is they are really trying to hide in there?

Before there was a Dare Devil, but only the Devil remains

“There is something to be said about people living their very lives, taking on every adventure, seeking  out new things, until their little hearts sing  – I hate the lot of them, so sue me!!!“ Gun Roswell

Before there was a Dare Devil, but only the Devil remains

I used to be a Dare Devil, now, I am just a plain ole Devil

Cursing loudly, dooming all those daring venturers to the very pits of hell

Wherever they might just dwell, they know whom they area! 

So, with that note, yeah, they will so go far, never minding what this ole Devil had to say.´

Just because they have all those dreams left in them, making them towards their destiny sway

Wanting to take a swing on the tallest branch and then dive into the great unknown without any qualm, doubt or whatever is needed to just do whatever their little rotten heart desires

Supposedly the fire within, and to inspire them to move along with their stunts and what nots. 

Yeah, I might have been one of them, once, but not any more

What remains is the bitter punch, and that even is totally a chore to achieve

As once you have left that spicy spirit leave?

Well, there is nothing but bitterness, which will let the broken heart heave

On a remote Island

“Island life, can be a strife, but during summer time, all is simply fine” Gun Roswell 

On a remote Island

The place so remote, you will have to take a boat and then row it, a long, long stretch, before even let, close enough to the very space , the perfect spot, right there, on the dot, an island, which when boarded will keep you smiling, all summer long, but only if you can stay strong, never ever complain, about the lack of, all them creature comforts, left behind, on the mainland, as learning to stand, on your own feet, then and there, on the island bare, so far removed from civilisation, the only ones are the flying birds, which can you disturb, in the morning hours, but it’s all simply fine, as learning the mundane life, on the remote isle.

Faded holo image, of sorts

“A faded photograph from the past perhaps? Or a manipulated image from the very now? You decide.” Gun Roswell

Faded holo image, of sorts

The vistas familiar, like seen before, perhaps in a window display of some store?

But certainly, the views nothing of any kind of bore, as this was straight from the ancient lore.

Well, perhaps not, but still, made you stop and have a look, didn’t I?!

A heavily manipulated snap from the now it might just be, nothing mysterious or giddy there to see. Or perhaps, there is?

Again, it is in the eyes of the beholder, to decide, what they can see in the image created by the pix snapper, with somewhat of an ease.

Crowd funded?

“Too many people equals usually never a good thing” Gun Roswell 

Crowd funded?

Crowds, people, individuals, too many of them I see, out there on the streets.

Scary too they all seem to be, at least as far as I can see.

But perhaps if daring, venturing out there and them with a smile greeting?

Perhaps none too scared am I anymore, because maybe the thought had simply come out of lore?

People in crowds, being a mob?

The mentality of such groups somewhere in the memory stored?

And so, in there I go.

Just a simple hello.

Perhaps they will see me as a similar type to them?

Someone who could easily fit in?

A Piece of Art against the Blue Skies

“There is just something about abstract art… I said there is something, not sure as to the what that something it is though!” Gun Roswell

A Piece of Art against the Blue Skies

The colours totally vivid, someone’s surely getting a headache, while staring too long at it!

But, it’s art, part of a famous exhibit so don’t go talking shit about it!

It looks like a head, or something similar, but never mind what it really depicts, because it can be anything and everything your heart might just desire.

And so, with that thought, simply stand there for a moment and admire, the work of an artist well known, already gone though, but its fine, as they left behind, a legacy of their own.

Two cherries

“Two berries, both cherries, hanging from a branch, it’s not much, but it’s a start” Gun Roswell 

Two cherries 

There are two of them left, just there, hanging by themselves, after all the others have gone, eaten perhaps or thrown off by gusts too strong, the rest plucked by birds, just for the off chances of fun.

But the two of there remain, looking exactly the same, as in the very beginning, remaining still there even if the high rain came, the two keep on, the colour never changing, always the brightest of red.

Nobody even thinking of picking them off anymore, simply letting the two berries to stay put there, as if they should, the reason unknown, guess it’s just because the all want to keep the myth alive, at least for a while.


“The deep blues, the turquoise hues, the waters surface, cannot hide” Gun Roswell


Dive in, I know you want to do it! 

The blues beckoning on a warm day, so just, step in!

The water’s still rather cool, at least inside the pool

Don’t be a fool and miss the opportunity before afternoon

After the sun having heated the soothing liquid

So just be real quick about it and take the plunge

It’s almost time for lunch and a quick dive

Really cannot do any harm, simply pull out a smile

And give a feeling of total divine

At least for a while before the heat catches up again


“It’s another day, today, that is, they always seem to follow each other, the days that is“ Gun Roswell


So. Today started, unwinding along, as the clocks of the house ticked too strong. One hour, two hours, more. The clock never stops. Ticking, that is. 

It’s a constant, that of time moving forward, and even if one tries to push, really, really hard, it’s totally useless. The time, never stops.

So, today, is just another yesterday. A day among many. All of them moving along, quite steady.

As do I. Just observing, watching, glaring, ignoring. Those days in a row, passing by. What could be more fun? Sitting in my high tower, but never knowing the power, of spending a day to the fullest.

Star Wars the Clone Wars, the Bad Batch, the Mandalorian and the Book of Boba Fett FanFiction – new stories posted on ao3 and

Gun Roswell

The Bad Batch

I have uploaded several stories of fan fiction on Archive of Our Own (AO3) and of the adventures of The Bad Batch, Star Wars The Clone Wars, The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett!

These tales follow completely original story lines diverging from the Star Wars canon. All of them being pure fan fiction aka Fanon. Naturally! Still paying homage to the original series.

Go check them out here on AO3:
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The Missing Helmet
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Mission Impossible!
Midnight Snack
The Clone from the Past
a crossover from the Bad Batch to the Book of Boba Fett and the Mandalorian, involving time travel through the space time continuum.

I’ve started two new stories, which are work in progress:
Trouble in Clone Haven, which is…

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