Droplets in puddles

“When it rains, it pours, unless it just makes tiny drops into puddles” Gun Roswell

Droplets in puddles

The rain fell, on top of the table and there dwelled, in small puddles before finding their way to the ground, being soon absorbed and then nothing more of it found.

But those remaining droplets danced, pranced as an onlooker glanced at the nature’s mini fiesta, in the middle of a summer’s day, before the sun came and washed all of it away.

The rain, might be a big pain, at least in some ways, but in small dosages, it can look pretty cool, and don’t be fooled, we need the rain, to simply survive another day.

Coffee, always as double

“There is always time for coffee, and then some more coffee after that” Gun Roswell 

Coffee, always as double

The cup of in single, is never enough, especially when it is time to mingle, among the other coffee lovers, then definitely the cup size needs to be double, if not even triple!

As there really is no such thing as too much coffee, and it won’t last long, when moving along the crowd yapping on about, well, what else could it be about, than coffee!

What else is there? Life as we know it would certainly suck without his fine organic suspension every devised. As it does give you a smile or at least a big fat grin, as coffee might just be a sin!

All the stuff in one single shot

“Travelling can be rewarding, but getting a lot of the cliche stuff in one shot, that, is truly a great gift to be left with” Gun Roswell

All the stuff in one single shot

The cliches shots are always a  must, as you must trust, they will get the most likes on any kind of social media platform, in a landslide created by the most thunderous storm.

But, trying something a little more artistic, whether it’s the angle of a shot, or the used prop, even something as odd, as a filled to the hilt trashcan, yeah, that is definitely art! Then behold, as now, you have been told, likes are coming down like someone just had unfolded, a medieval triptych, a cheap suit or just, well, can’t seem to think of more metaphors.

So, just go with the most cliche scene imaginable you can find, and you will be the all mighty winner of them coveted social mediocrity likes! (Yeah, you heard me right!)

down along the pier i see

“The blues have always had a hold on me, not just the music, but the colour variations too“ Gun Roswell

down along the pier i see

so many people around, always wondering these same old grounds

the pier still long, and trying to stay as strong as possible to continue along

needing to reach the very end of it, before the setting of the sun will hit

simply because the view is the very best ever seen, and knowing this path will lead

to the very spot where undisturbed ,i will be able to simply observe

the spectate of colours and light, until the very beginnings of the darkening night

Bridged over the skies

“There are roads up there, bridges, built on top of thin air, hanging just there in the skies” Gun Roswell

Bridged over the skies

They built them, way back when, out of stones, bricks, whatever they could find, just because they wanted to, reaching for the skies, for divinity, or at least, that is the theory, for us in the here and now, looking up there, at the skies, where the bridges we can spy, built by those who dared to dream, that there was more out there, than could be seen, by the naked eye, even if open wide.

A sunrise I do spy

“The sun will always rise, even if the weather is really, really bad“ Gun Roswell

A sunrise I do spy

In the early morning hours, the sun will the moon totally devour, then spit it out, sending it hurdling through space, letting it there stay, until the night will fall, when the moon will rise once again, simply because of spite, hanging there until the very next morning, the dawn, where the sun will be lurking around, duty bound, waiting only to rise and reprise the feast, of gulping up the moon, the continued circle of the celestial battle as old as time, and for us mere mortals, this is all simply fine, only standing by, observing the eternal fight.

Shopping for Shoes

“Them shoes, them shoes! It is totally true – one can never have enough of shoes!” Gun Roswell

Shopping for Shoes

Shoes of all shapes and sizes, some for free or even for bargain prices, colours vary as do the heel height, but no matter, you will always fine the right fit, at least, that is the hope of the day finally here, the one dedicated for simply shopping for shoes!

And so, hitting all the possible stores, which carry these marvels of lore, them shoes, them shoes, win or lose, just have to choose.

The day long, but feeling quite strong, after a good nights sleep, somehow, as the dreams filled with all kinds of footwear and so daring and bold, getting a foothold (pun certainly intended) amongst the rush of all the other shoe fans, hitting the same places.

But no matter what, I have to trust, there will be a pair or two for me to find, in the wide ocean filled with shoes and those whom so desperately seek for the perfect ones, or twos, or more, as more is always more, no matter what any philosophically inclined person might state.

And so, before the day ends, I will keep on seeking, for them shoes, them shoes perfect for me, or then settle for something almost that!

A seat by the poolside

“The seat by to poolside, with a view to the great open wide, might not be the best place for  progressive work“ Gun Roswell

A seat by the poolside

The leisure times usually get divided between the working hours and family time, mostly just life as per usual, but some times, the need for a complete shutdown, the internal switches simply turned off, then even a day or few, should be spent, somewhere far away, from the daily grind and when that place is found, then no other sound disturbing the peace and quiet, would the the soft winds and the gentle waves flip-flopping on the side of the water, surely a place of a sunny day, a Sunday even, but these days? Well, getting off and somewhere else, can be hard even with so much money spent, then again, when the need to relax is there, why spare any resources, as the future still uncertain, perhaps closing the curtains and hiding from it all, is not really as good as stepping out the door, Sunday or not, taking a short breather, is always a good and welcome idea, because life really is too short to simply stall and push the inevitable on hold.

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