Before there was a Dare Devil, but only the Devil remains

“There is something to be said about people living their very lives, taking on every adventure, seeking  out new things, until their little hearts sing  – I hate the lot of them, so sue me!!!“ Gun Roswell

Before there was a Dare Devil, but only the Devil remains

I used to be a Dare Devil, now, I am just a plain ole Devil

Cursing loudly, dooming all those daring venturers to the very pits of hell

Wherever they might just dwell, they know whom they area! 

So, with that note, yeah, they will so go far, never minding what this ole Devil had to say.´

Just because they have all those dreams left in them, making them towards their destiny sway

Wanting to take a swing on the tallest branch and then dive into the great unknown without any qualm, doubt or whatever is needed to just do whatever their little rotten heart desires

Supposedly the fire within, and to inspire them to move along with their stunts and what nots. 

Yeah, I might have been one of them, once, but not any more

What remains is the bitter punch, and that even is totally a chore to achieve

As once you have left that spicy spirit leave?

Well, there is nothing but bitterness, which will let the broken heart heave

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