Mending fences

“Something about the fences, having been erected all over the place… doesn’t seem right, to keep something in or someone out, right?” Gun Roswell

Mending fences

They are all over the place, wherever you look, there is no cranny nor a nook, which has not been secured, by some kind of fence, either keeping something on the inside of it, or then, perhaps, not wanting trespassers getting there.

Whatever it is, someone wants to keep secure, thinking them things precious or at least, or perhaps they are afraid, that some kind of beast, will come around, and destroy it all?

Still, seems odd, as to why anything should be boxed in, for others not to even have a look-see, but hey, perhaps, there is a loophole of a kind, something to take a little peek through, and see, what it is they are really trying to hide in there?

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