So many to choose from!

“Too many images, do grace, my poor mobile phone’s database!” Gun Roswell

So many to choose from!

The library is full!!!

The flashing red light there, on the face of the device, which I so much like… well I am lying here, as being in love is most like it!

But now, it is so time for a hissy fit as that darned thing, stopped working!

As in having been filled, with so many images, those snaps having been taking along the way, most of them done of my own accord, with just a few borrowed.

All them pictures from the travels in the past, never meant to last, the trip that is, but as you can see, the images are somewhat safely stored, in the memory banks of the poor, calling device of sorts.

But nobody really uses it for that, as it is so much more, or was, cannot remember, as it is action as my memory too, just to name but a few things, this miracle gadget can do.

Still, I am ripping my hair off, trying to figure out a way, where these pictures to store.

As of now, the memory is full and so, well guess, delete, delete, delete is really all I can do?

Skies Reflected

“Look up! See the clouds, now check again. Where does the sky end? Or is it all, a simple reflection?” Gun Roswell 

Skies reflected 

The clouds gathered

Onto the lower skies

Simply getting reflected 

Wherever the glass lies

Be careful though 

As the winds may blow

Shifting the position 

Constantly without hesitation 

The eyes might be very slow

To adjust to the very flow

And so

The illusion between 

The real and the make believe 

Will get fuzzy enough to leave 

The current onlooker 

In a bit of a confusion 

And so loosing the sense

Of any kind of reality 

Seeing the truth uncanny 

And so being fooled

By total fantasy

But hey

It is all good

Just have to know

Which way to look

Shiny pair of new shoes

“New day, new shiny shoes, new attitude!” Gun Roswell 

Shiny pair of new shoes

They are shiny, they are new, they seem to be a really cool pair of shoes, something bought online, without testing, simply trusting they would be simply fine as they really, really looked so nice.

So, now today, is the first day to try them on, even if the feeling of putting them on, is giving some shivers, but luckily, they fit perfectly, even the laces were easy enough to use, as a zipper would have been better to use but still, no need to refuse them.

But now, the few strides have been done, the hold of the soles tested, and out there to world, well at least the nearest city, I will let myself go, maybe slow at first, then running if and where needed.

The new shoes having gotten me all excited and so, I will out there thrive, with new shoes and new attitude accompanying the ensemble.

Sailing into the sunset

“Sailing away, to far away lands… or at least now, that the sun is setting, getting, home is enough for the weary traveller, right?” Gun Roswell

Sailing into the sunset

The setting sun, is the time indicator, time has past flown, and so now, setting the helm towards home, is the best option, perhaps the only option to follow.

As adventure, can always wait, for tomorrow will be another day, for sure, and the lure, of the far away lands always present, never letting the traveller at peace.

So, either a restless night, without sleep, depending of course, how deep, the thoughts of the ventures ahead are, the smart ones, will figure a way, to set sail, even when with little if no sleep.

But before you get in there too deep, remember, to eat, and have plenty of coffee, as the adventure will take time long, at least, until the next sunset is upon.

Enter the realm of the unknown

Seurasaari, Helsinki

“Dare to enter the realm of the old, the history, just be bold!” Gun Roswell 

Enter the realm of the unknown 

The entrance is finally open, so there really is no stopping, from anyone wanting to enter, this tempting realm, finally available for all those interested in getting to know, whatever happened before.

As going through this doorway of sorts, you will be entering the past, the very old, places from beyond our own time, been thrown back some few hundred years, but no worries, no fears, as getting stuck in there, will not happen here, not during the brief trip, unless… you trip.

The option is there, if you from the path away steer, so heed this warning with leer, the instructions are quite clear, stay on the marked path, as long as the tour lasts, venture away, and forever on the other side, in the past, your stay might just last.

After that, only through the looking glass will you be able to follow the lives of the modern world, as the observer, never a part of either side of the life, stuck in limbo, in the middle of the two realms, the past and the very now.

Handprints on the pavement

“The handprints of those whom dared to build the road, long ahead” Gun Roswell 

Handprints on the pavement

The structure made of concrete

The dreamer builders whom did not sleep

Building their roads, long and winding 

Leaving their marking, the prints of their making

Hands, as it stands 

Even names, preserved forever in the construction 

Never to be removed, still no distraction

When stepping on the stones

Making one’s way back home 

The road ahead holding and strong

Even after long since having crossed

The bridge to the afterlife

The gift of the ancient builders still lasts

The testimony of time 

But perhaps not a drill of the modern kind?

Sliding across the surface in style

“The pretties of swans, a painting of sorts, even if it is really not, but just a zoomed out photo op, taken on the spot” Gun Roswell

Sliding across the surface in style

The majestic creature that is the swan, was seen suddenly to make a dive into the waters edge, the cameras ready, clicking away, as the bird made its case, for the onlookers, how much more better it was than any of the humans watching around, because it totally could, simply flap its wings and fly away, but not today, as the show was there, on for the benefit of those bi-peddled hoomans, who could never take flight, unless booking some tickets on a metallic creature they called a plane, something of a shame, at least in the mind of this swan, as flying and taking a deep dive, gliding on the waters, was so much fun!

Peeking through to the land of sunshine

“The sun is shining, on the other side, over there, across the sea, somewhere else but definitely not here“ Gun Roswell

Peeking through to the land of sunshine 

There is sunshine, on the other side, the proof delivered by a witness, who dared to peek through the curtain, and then, after seeing the miracle, snapped the picture, as proof!

As of now, the summer is officially over, as September has just reared is ugly head and instead of getting a cooling down situation outside, the plummet in daily temperatures, not to mention all the down pour, has definitely not left any of us scored.

So, even after complaining about the whole too warm summer time, having lasted for such a short while, the winter season is upon, the sunshine, the warmth the greens, all but gone.

Luckily though, in the dreams and pictures, some of it can be relived, when huddling down frozen cold because of as was foretold, it is the season of rain and behold, soon enough – snow!

Raindrops, heavily on the window

“The rain is here again, falling the way down, sometimes heavily, sometimes slow. “ Gun Roswell

Raindrops, heavily on the window

The rain is upon, heavily now as is the storm, the weather having gone, from totally hot, to still warm to freezing cold, the winds gusting all around, nothing really sticks to the ground, as it such a whirlwind of a  thing, a scene of sorts, going on, and will most likely last, until the end of the season, until more solid stuff start falling down, the dreaded snow, so, until that time, simply enjoying the rain, the droplets making a great painting onto the window, still tainted by the summer flowers, but now, all getting cleaned up rather nicely. 

The Orange Bike

“The orange bike is certainly smart, visible from far and near, never having to fear, people falling under the two wheels” Gun Roswell

The Orange Bike

The bike with two wheel and just a few manual gears and a customised steering wheel, no electrical circuits, nothing electric at all, just some muscle power to use as force and move forward, while peddling away, the streets long and slippery, but as long as you keep going, moving those feet, there is nothing not to be able to achieve, while riding this distinctive orange coloured bike, visible to all, even from the far away distance, certainly a statement of its own, and so, that is the ride of the day, making an impact, wherever it may stay.