Enter the realm of the unknown

Seurasaari, Helsinki

“Dare to enter the realm of the old, the history, just be bold!” Gun Roswell 

Enter the realm of the unknown 

The entrance is finally open, so there really is no stopping, from anyone wanting to enter, this tempting realm, finally available for all those interested in getting to know, whatever happened before.

As going through this doorway of sorts, you will be entering the past, the very old, places from beyond our own time, been thrown back some few hundred years, but no worries, no fears, as getting stuck in there, will not happen here, not during the brief trip, unless… you trip.

The option is there, if you from the path away steer, so heed this warning with leer, the instructions are quite clear, stay on the marked path, as long as the tour lasts, venture away, and forever on the other side, in the past, your stay might just last.

After that, only through the looking glass will you be able to follow the lives of the modern world, as the observer, never a part of either side of the life, stuck in limbo, in the middle of the two realms, the past and the very now.

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