Two Towers

Rhodes, Greece

“Two towers still standing tall, built in ancient times, but look at them, they are simply fine” Gun Roswell

Two Towers

Brick, by brick, they were laid, by those whom came before us, releasing their visions, of a strong and memorable construct, for the ages to last, no matter what nature and time would throw at the two, they would survive and they should, lasting up and til these days, because the secrets the walls of these two tall towers are able to tell, well, you only need to stay close enough to touch and so much, will be shared.

Under ‘The Arch of Victory’

Paris, France

“Waving their sings of victory, the war, the wars, finally over, the time for celebration never boring, as heard from the crowds of roaring“ Gun Roswell

Under ‘The Arch of Victory’

A monument stands tall, in the middle of it all, the streets leading ever and outward, every which way imaginable, and tracing their way back to this place, the arch of victory, as built forever and a day to last.

It was some time ago, in the past, when the dwellers of this magnificent city, decided to resurrect, this statue of sorts, of liberty, perhaps not a fact, but celebration of sorts anyway, and now, as it is here to stay, people of all walks of life gathering to admire, the colossal giant with a hurray!

Be one of them, join in the loud celebration, take a pose in front of it if you must, just, remember what it was really made for all those many a years ago.

Tongue on my Cake?

“The sweet taste of sugary moist dessert, a piece of cake, cream and what is it there on the top?” Gun Roswell

Tongue on my Cake?

The odd looking construct on the top of an otherwise deliciously looking sugary treat?

Something red, albeit plain so, reminiscent more of an organ of the mouth than perhaps what it was supposed to be?

A piece of strawberry perhaps? But why cut it in to this particular format?

Anyway, if you get past the initial shock of what the heck just there on the plate dropped?

Well, it turned out to be a berry, the strawberry to be exact and the taste?


Simply try it yourself!

Glassy, glass and then some 

“So much shiny, see through glass, it’s, impossible!” Gun Roswell 

Glassy, glass and then some 

Tender, delicate, totally breakable

Transparent, shiny, quite clean

The ware for many occasions 

But mostly, useful for any kind of liquid 

Sweet, sour, strong or just plain

No matter what, it’s all the same

The purpose for these shiny objects

Is to hold in the precious liquids 

For these ready to consume any of it

And that would be pretty much it 

Except some do like to collect them

Filling their cupboards with glassy things

Just because they look good

In all imaginable colours a buyer could

Be able to purchase these fine looking products 

As well never really can have enough of that stuff 

A Tower of a House, but a Cafe

Seurasaari, Helsinki, Finland

“The tall slim building, sits on top of the hill, but not just any old structure, but a cafe, of sorts“ Gun Roswell

A Tower of a House, but a Cafe

The angle quite strange, the house, top heavy, but sturdy just plenty, as it has lasted for hundreds of years, having been hauled over from some other place.

And so, here it stands, in all its beauty, and all its glory, the old house, refurbished as a home, but also, a place of business, for those venturing to the historical island, and after some walking, become rather thirsty.

The cafe as the house doubles as, will give the weary traveller plenty, of options including the steaming dark liquid, but pastries and other delights.

Feeling somewhat peckish? Thirsty perhaps?

Step in, take a load off and enjoy the ancient ambiance!

Sunshine during a cloud day

Belgium high up in the clouds

“Ain’t nothing better, than a little sun peaking through the thick cover of clouds in the middle of a rainy day” Gun Roswell

Sunshine during a cloud day

The foggy day, much to everyone’s dismay, was getting the mood all down, leaving nothing more behind than sad looking frowns.

It was by design as the greyish day, was there to slay, at least the people there, walking down below in much dismay.

Such is nature, always on the lookout to harm anyone who dares, to harm it first, and so, you get the gist of why all the foggish mist!

But, then, a hope of something appeared, right there from the cracks of the feared, ominous clouds over and beyond.

Before any of us could respond, with a cheer of some sort, it was all but gone!

Such is the power of nature, after all!

Summer, summer, summer!

“ Summer, summer, summer, yeah, it so bears repeating!“ Gun Roswell

Summer, summer, summer!

The pretty flowers, the lush greens, the warmer weather, as long as it keeps just there, summer, summer, summer, is everywhere. (Sneeze!)

But for us flower+ pollen challenged ones, well, summer can become a bummer, unless you wear a mask, permanently and take a lot of meds, that at least some of the sneezing sheds.

And so, if possible stay indoors and only admire the vistas and views of summer through the comfort of your very own window!

As summer, oh dearest of summer, you, apparently, will be here a while longer!

The concentration of a photographer

“The dusk setting in, final rays of the sun, painting colours over the water and land, but the pix snappers work is never done, as this is where the fun only just begins” Gun Roswell

The concentration of a photographer

That perfect moment, only there for a second, concentration of the essence as the need to capture the very scene, is vital, mental even for the snapper of every which event happening all around and everywhere

Hysterics is the best way to describe the mood, of the snapper, having clicked, way too soon, but sometimes, they might just succeed and the perfect capture is presented right there, on the screen

But, these days, even with all the fancy technology, devices plentiful and always at hand, pun intended, the moments go past so fast, the hand eye coordination cannot fathom what happened and so, the blurry snaps, filling the storage fast

Still, if even one of the millions, is as good, a stamp of approval there should be put, then a happy face on the snapper will replace, the permascwol usually present

Then again, what is considered a good or great snap, is debatable, just check out the facts out there on the world wide internets.

Night Time Horizon

Helsinki, Finland

“The night time is captivating, both in colour and light, all of them bright in the darkness, much more interesting too” Gun Roswell

Night Time Horizon

The city lights, shining ever so bright, reflected on the waters surface, but no purchase for them to be found, as rippling and swaying, slowly and surely disappearing, into the depths of the darkness, the liquid them consuming, blending into the murky waters, never to be seen again, until the time, when new lights beam upon the shores, as the city skyline will come to life, somewhere there in the far away horizon, long after the sun has been arising, and set for the durance of the dimming night.

Helsinki, Finland