Under ‘The Arch of Victory’

Paris, France

“Waving their sings of victory, the war, the wars, finally over, the time for celebration never boring, as heard from the crowds of roaring“ Gun Roswell

Under ‘The Arch of Victory’

A monument stands tall, in the middle of it all, the streets leading ever and outward, every which way imaginable, and tracing their way back to this place, the arch of victory, as built forever and a day to last.

It was some time ago, in the past, when the dwellers of this magnificent city, decided to resurrect, this statue of sorts, of liberty, perhaps not a fact, but celebration of sorts anyway, and now, as it is here to stay, people of all walks of life gathering to admire, the colossal giant with a hurray!

Be one of them, join in the loud celebration, take a pose in front of it if you must, just, remember what it was really made for all those many a years ago.

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