Under ‘The Arch of Victory’

Paris, France

“Waving their sings of victory, the war, the wars, finally over, the time for celebration never boring, as heard from the crowds of roaring“ Gun Roswell

Under ‘The Arch of Victory’

A monument stands tall, in the middle of it all, the streets leading ever and outward, every which way imaginable, and tracing their way back to this place, the arch of victory, as built forever and a day to last.

It was some time ago, in the past, when the dwellers of this magnificent city, decided to resurrect, this statue of sorts, of liberty, perhaps not a fact, but celebration of sorts anyway, and now, as it is here to stay, people of all walks of life gathering to admire, the colossal giant with a hurray!

Be one of them, join in the loud celebration, take a pose in front of it if you must, just, remember what it was really made for all those many a years ago.

Of cafes and such

“The small cafe at the end of the street. A place nobody really ever sees, but it is still there, for those who dare, to wander off and find it  Gun Roswell

Of cafes and such

The city which never sleeps, well, it has to, sometimes, at least.

But those who dare to wander, no matter the time of the hour, will be happily surprised, while finding a place so nice, a cafe at the end of a small street!

So daring, taking a peak, just because it might just be the very place so many of us seek!

A quiet place, nobody cares about, not really, but those who do, will always and forever wander there, again and again.

Paris nights in Monochrome

“The darkening night, with plenty of artificial light, in Paris only!” Gun Roswell 

Paris nights in Monochrome 

The night upon, staying strong, the darkness never scary, so feeling daring, venturing into the streets of the city, because the lights are on, and there are plenty of, all kinds, the paths lit, to the hilt, and ain’t that just sweet, as this is, Paris, the city of lights, or something similar I think I once heard, but yeah, gorgeous, lively and totally cliche, but would not want to kiss any of it, the beat, the people, the ambiance. As only so, in the land of France.

Cafe on a quiet street

“The early morning hours, without a rush in sight, enjoying a cup or two, on the quiet street’s cafe I can easily choose” Gun Roswell

Cafe on a quiet street

The quaint and old school feel, even if it does all seem quite unreal, as if having been thrown back in time, sensing the ghost from the past, seated there, with me, watching and observing the odd arrival, and even longe ager when I have passed this place, they will still remain.

The quiet street at the end of the cul-de-sac, is a must and a fact, a hidden gem, which can only be found with effort and perhaps, when on a whim, to look for something different, the cafe with a hint and a nudge nudge wink.

The streets of Paris to thread on and then some

“Far away vistas or close by cultural cities? Well, guess I chose the latter one this time around and this is what I found” Gun Roswell

The streets of Paris to thread on and then some

The city with the most lights, the city of love, the city filled with history, the city which supposedly sleeps, but that kinda is not true, not really, as all of us needs some rest, even the mighty and strong figure of Europe, the eternal and most gorgeous city that of Paris.

And here, is where the trip begins, from the archway so well, known, where traffic just keeps going on and on, whether on foot, or on a bike or even, some kind of car, the roads all starts from here and then disappear to the distance on the busy streets of Paris.

Now going back and forth in any kind of city is a time consuming, sweat breaking and well, you totally get thirsty. And then, sitting down and having a break, whether for some much refreshing coffee or then, a glass of some fine wine, and that is all fine, in the many small cafes of Paris.

Then, when the night finally falls, because it really does even here, in the city of eternal lights. So, without any kind of fight, make your way towards the tallest tower, at least for a few miles, aptly named after that one builder guy, Eiffel, and watch the lights turn to various colours, at night, the feelings only when visiting the city of Paris.

Go to Paris in a virtual mode

“There is nothing more nostalgic, than perusing down the memory lane, I the form of old travel pictures of days now gone“ Gun Roswell

Go to Paris in a virtual mode

The busiest of streets, of the quite big metropolis, are never, ever dull
The markets and shops, the bars, and even cafes, always, packed full
At least, so it totally seems, in those very colourful snaps, of before
When travelling, to distant and foreign lands, was not, such a chore

Alas, the sights and sounds alone, are well worth the total of this short trip
To one of the best known cities, that of bright lights, some of us call, well, Paris
Even if it is, just in the faded memory, of this traveller, now home bound
There are still lots of thrills and quite joyful moments, there, to be found

Taking a virtual tour, of the times strolling on some afternoon by the shore
And alongside the long river banks, and maybe even, a short tourist boat tour
If you are game enough, then try to climb the steps up the tall tower structure
The Eiffel one, with the shining lights, covering each and every touristy picture

No matter how long the trek or what the destination, take it, without hesitation
Travel deep into the recesses of your own mind, in a cozy spot during meditation
Pick up the best of places of your travel, take a walk through the night time streets
Then make a short detour to the museums and later, how about something to eat

Well, at least, virtually, if you totally forgot
To order home food, from the grocery shop
As in times like these, to avoid that, disease
All of us stay home, and mostly, out of reach

On the streets of Paris 3

“Strolling down the lane of memories once again and landed in Paris, the city of lights and spring“ Gun Roswell

On the streets of Paris 3

Whether you will want to walk the distance or take a bike or the famous metro to your designated destination, you can totally do any of them ways without hesitation. All safe and good for the environment of course and all of the methods will set you great on your course of action that is. And this is not simply to please, those climate conscious people like you and me, rather it is a fun way to stroll the streets. I am talking about walking naturally, but mostly, riding a communal and fun coloured bike, which you can rent without even a sigh. Easy as pie, as you can drive, all they long, and even getting the exercise there, with your legs getting more and more strong each pedal push you make.

Then for the lazy types, but still conscious minds, there is the ultimate way to travel, and that is underground with the metro system. Yes get down there and see it all to come unravelled in front of your very eyes, the most advanced transport for all the times. No, kidding here of course, as it is rather an old method of transport to say the least, but then again, modernised for your comfort of sorts, as it may get pretty hot in the summer months, deep down in the underground. But hey, it’s cheap and fast and fun so never mind, just get that ticket and hop on that, well, train! You can get off at any stop, visit the museums, sights and shops, it’s gay Paris after all, so go git, have a ball (that means fun time), winter, spring, summer or yeah, even fall!

On the streets of Paris 2

“The pretty place of spring, Paris has that kind of a ring, right?“ Gun Roswell

On the streets of Paris 2

The once certain pièce de résistance in the middle of ole’ gay Paris, is most certainly the Arc de Triomphe, giving that specific oomph, when you walk down the street, any street basically, you will end up in the circle of the streets and below to magnificent landmark, right there in its very own park of sorts. And no, it is not the kind of place to play sports. At least if you want to stay on the good side of the city Gendarmerie, while they are doing their patrolling all over the city.

Lots and lots of tourists there, doing their selfies until and I swear, the police come to pick the up from standing in the middle of the busy lanes. And yes, it is all done while trying to reach the fifteen minutes of fame, well, at least, on social media, not-so-fastgram or something similar. What ever it is called, well, best bet is to simple ignore them and make your own way towards the archway of the ancients to admire it up close and get a doze of history of the prettiest city.

When all the wondering is finally done and even if you feel it’s all quite fun, still, thirst gets in the way and you need a good bar to low lay, before the excursions continue at the break of dusk. And tasting local wines and beers, well that is a must, at least, for some. Then take a load of at any of the plentiful places around the city, either on the streets or inside some getaway, inside a secret doorway? Well, just knock, they’ll let you in, and maybe even, make you sing, a chanson for the city in the light of the night, fun huh!?

On the streets of Paris 1

“Spring time, or any time basically, Paris is the place to be“ Gun Roswell 

On the streets of Paris

It may still be early in the year, even if someone might think that the spring is finally in the air. But the snow on the ground, says otherwise, still, thinking of the one great place in my mind, makes me smile and the idea of warm weather and multiple colours filling the parks. Yes indeed, this is how it all starts, a walk down the good old memory lane, something in which only several recorded images can explain.

It was already late in the evening when hitting the streets, for something specific to seek. The street lights shining our way, well, mostly kinda, as the sun was still setting, thus keeping things light through the stay. So, tonights goal, was simply to take a short stroll and get familiar with the surroundings as tomorrow would really be the start of an excursion, to see it all, to experience Paris, completely and without exclusion.

So, without further ado, ventured out the door, with the elevator hitting the main floor. Outside, the streets open wide, still very much alive, buzzing with noises from people and machines alike. And soon enough realizing the closeness of something so brilliant and up lit, it totally fit the image on the brochure. The tower most magnificent, some said it was heaven’s sent, even if they knew humans did it build for a fair no less.

Quickly crossing the busy streets as to the gorgeous view to reach and soon enough, the tall and towering sight, was erected right there in front of the very eyes. Flashing in various coloured lights, the mighty one had scored yet again another admiring audience, reveling in its ancient presence. Clicks and flashes going off as everyone was making their own record of the tall tower in awe, as this truly was a highlight for a trip way too short.

On set, shooting the ultimate selfie

“Everyone! Quiet on the set! Ready, lights, sound, camera and… action! “ Gun Roswell

On set, shooting the ultimate selfie

All was quiet, the crew and actors taking their places
The lights were set, the camera was ready for recording all them faces
As the director had ordered, before they closed the doors
The only sound, the metallic clang that of a clapperboard
It was that time, for the shoot, the shoot of some serious selfie photos
As, in this modern day and age, no resume is complete without those

The proverbial needled dropped, on to the quiet floor
As the camera clicked, making the shutter stall
But only for a moment, as the dramatic duck faces image was captured
The end result appearing, on to the monitor for screening

All eyes on the very spot, where the end result blocked
A collective breath holding for a moment, waiting seemingly torment
The pixels of the very image filling the once black screen with colours
Some softly commenting, its a good thing there are no odours

Finally, the end product is complete for all to see
There eyes, the nose, the hair, nothing out of place if feared
A perfect shot for the present and the prosperity
Once some minor adjustments made with some filter trickery
Nothing more to do, except save, upload, post and send
And the world wide web, most likely will remain the same