Monumental from various times

“The monuments we create to depict the times we live in, hoping only they will last past our time” Gun Roswell

Monumental from various times

The chariots with its galant riders, now a silhouette slashing the darkening night skies

Built as an homage and a reminder of those heroes from our distant past surpassing time

As to whom those were depicted in the shadowy tale of this monumental tale so magnificent? 

Well, that is something the historians may be able to tell you, that of their real significance

As for myself, the looks of it is simply striking and therefore it ended up on my very list of liking

The picture surely telling as trying, to fit into it the past and present without too much yelling

And as to the futuristic round circular thing, which now in the present day someone songs sing?

A wheel of fortune perhaps? Or maybe something more temporary, not really needed to last?

Whatever the purpose of this millennial round circle is, taking a ride on it and enjoying the scenes

Of the city where it now resides, is fine for at least now, and maybe later, if it lasts the passage of time

A few hundred years into our future, then someone might find it as fascinating as the chariot or then, simply comment it being just fine.

Monumentally Templed

“There is something about history, the architecture specifically, that leaves this spectator, in total and utter awe” Gun Roswell

Monumentally Templed

The history of all us, still standing tall, in the form, of refurbished temples, after a long while, simply being a pile of rubble. But now, they are built from the base to the top, preserving the architecture and a place of leisure and for some, a place to worship the deities of the past, who had lasted, the testament of time, well, at least, in some of our minds. The great gods of the Olympus, once powerful and mighty, now only a legend for the time being. Who will know, what will happen, when all the temples are once again resurrected, maybe the worshippers will return as will the many gods, but hey, we all know the future is a blur, so let’s just enjoy the nice looking houses for a while, with a huge big smile all the while, predicting of the times to come and whether our current structures will stand and survive the passing times.

Monumentally so

“The monuments of yesteryear… yep, they are still here! “ Gun Roswell

Monumentally so

The dark and mysterious silhouette, against the night sky
Bold, pompous and really big, is the character flying high

Animals, people and even abstract figures were applied
The parks, streets and even museums, filled with all sizes
“Monumental!” someone in awe sighed
“Extraordinaire!” an other one was all smiles
“Such beauty!” from off the sides
“I want one of them to buy!”

The art works from yesteryear, were really pleasing, on the eyes
And the great point being, it was all for free, with zero cents for buying!

Monumental on an Island so Blue

“The island in the middle of nowhere, turned out to have so much more to give, than just a deserted beach side view“ Gun Roswell

Monumental on an Island so Blue

The small airplane, slowly landed, onto a narrow strip
As of this day, it is the start, of this one, and special trip
It was not expected, nor was it, really ever planned
But soon enough, the expedition will start, of this unknown land

A tiny island of a thing, was that a wish or a plea?
What on earth, could there really be, to see?
Jungle with buzzing insects, a small hut and no running water?
That were the best guesses, for this, well eternal explorer

Still, the hopes were up in the air
When entering on the promised fare
As this was some much deserved time off
From the daily huff and puff

But what then turned out to be
Anything and everything dull and bleak
Was an expedition, of profound proportions
Something not soon to be forgetting

The island, was anything but lacking
The options multiple with all amounts of trekking
Views and vistas filling the eyes and mind
There really was no other place like this kind

Monuments, art and history, and not forgetting the rest of it
Architecture, animals and people, never anything simple
Colour and nature, lush would be the most apt description
All of it so plentiful, the cameras memory filling as did mine

What was supposedly a dull few days of relaxation
Turned out to be so much more, on this little island
Where the time on strong and fast wings flew
On this, totally monumental even in the colour, of true blue

The Scenic Route

“Take the ever-changing scenic route, around the small clear lake, that’s just so damned good!” Gun Roswell

The Scenic Route

Again, Monday, really came, too soon
But that’s alright, you stupid old fool
Since you are not going, to any kind of school
And then, even the working day, was totally doomed
Yes, that is the ever existing Monday mood
Luckily, the weather, was sunny yet cool
And what came next, well, you just knew

There really was no good reason to stay inside
And on top of that, make a gloomy face and plain hide
Rather, to take, a good long hike outside
In the great and good nature, open wide
With the eye shades on, then, step into the light
And stating, this scenic route, with a big smile

As there is nothing more so completely healing
Than, when the nature is truly revealing
It’s awesome energetic power and thus sealing
Into, it’s calming embrace, this small human being

Greece vs. Water for World Wide Wednesday

“There are plenty of places to dive, to swim or even row, in Greece, in a small cove” Gun Roswell

Greece vs. Water

Clear blue, endless, cloudless skies, and cool, refreshing blue waters
Suitable, for us lowly peasants, and even, for the kings daughters

The ancient, mighty monuments, surrounded, by the crystals glittering
The many images of the castles, forts and other similar types, on the surface reflecting

Waterfalls, existing in a garden or even, carved by nature
A calming effect, is just the same, no matter which way you venture

When the night slowly falls, and the time, totally stalls
The birds are taking their final flight, before tucking in, for the darkening night

Here I am, sitting, contemplating, for a moment, by the turquoise pool
Now, slowly changing, into deep dark colours, by the eerie shadows

Playing, on the surface, finally daring in, for a nightly dive, in the liquid space
Refreshing, rejuvenating, before finally, falling, into deep sleep in this heavenly place

Greece vs. Rock for World Wide Wednesday

“There is plenty of rock in good old Greece” Gun Roswell

Greece vs. Rock

Rocks piled, one by one
For miles, they seemed to go on
Maybe, it was a puzzle, the ancients tried to do
Or maybe, it was a fortress, for the chosen few

There it stands, visible from all over the land
A mighty pile of rock, a wall if you will, proudly stands
Make it what you will, a castle, a monument or ancient ruins
They old ones surely knew, when they built it, what they were doing

Here we are, the modern kind
Staring, gawking, wondering, of the find
I guess what ever the vision calls for
But in a good way, they had us all

We have written the history for ourselves
Memorizing the past, from the books on the shelves
Conjuring stories behind the old buildings and kind
Never knowing, where the truth, really lies


“It’s always so loud in here” Gun Roswell


Noises, voices, music and such
Sometimes it all gets just too much
Wishing there was a cone of silence
I could sit inside for a while at least

But the world is loud
Most likely being proud
Ignoring my humble request
For a soundless place

Maybe I need to set on a quest
For this mysterious space
Unless someone has a big volume button
With which to turn down the level
At least for a little while to revel
In total mode of shutdown
Until someone decides
The levels again to raise


“Travelling is such fun” Gun Roswell


When in Spain, in the city of Barcelona,
You really want to sing, dance and holler
For it’s marvels and beauty of a kind
In any other city is really hard to find
Someone else already made that song
Where two voices tell it really strong
Falling in love with this place may be easy
As everything here is done with pleasing
The one and only which could also be you
And then you’d be among the chosen few
Once you enter via port of any sort
Then leaving this place is not the worth
Of any other place
So then here you stay

World Wide Wednesday in Helsinki Twenty-Two

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World Wide Wednesday in Helsinki

Details of Helsinki

“Investment in travel is an investment in yourself”
~ Matthew Karsten


A window to nowhere
Separating this and elsewhere
If the window is opened wide
Will the two worlds, collide?