Light and shadow and a few monuments too

“There is light and there is darkness and in between them, a shadow lies“ Gun Roswell

Light and shadow and a few monuments too

The all human made monuments, standing tall, without any kind of torment
Not just in the brightest of day lights but also in the dankest of nights
But sometimes there are shadows in that specific area all in the grey light
And inside there those supposed inanimate objects of art will come to life
During a time when no one is watching, the monuments are totally glowing
With different kinds of bright, filling their shadowy void with so many lights
But this sight is not for mere mortals to see, but a special occasion indeed
Still, if you happen to be lucky enough and happen to stumble upon such
Then a privilege as such this is for you, as being one of the chosen few
To be able to see the enchanted dance, which has been going on since ancient past
And will only last for mere moments, in their shadowy hideout, ending without
A doubt in a great bang, which songs of the old minstrels sang, and dang
If you the wholesome spectacle did miss, but hey, no need to get pissed
As maybe one day you too, will find that shadowy tune, and then sparkle with
All that powerful and overwhelming colourful light, just between darkness and the light

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