Tracks on the surface of the icy lake to follow

“There are so many tracks out there, on the surface and everywhere, that someone, without a compass will most certainly get totally lost!“ Gun Roswell

Tracks on the surface of the icy lake to follow

There are plenty of tracks on the icy snow of the covered lake in winter, some of them can be easily followed while others are buried deeper under the overlapping freshly made ones, but as there is no need to wallow in making the decision as it is as easy as precision, as from the chaos becomes order, if you only concentrate on the one set to make your own way, and once that choice is made, the path ahead, will be led to wherever you need to go.

So, when the selected tracks are in view, and the excitement is pretty new, wanting to simply run as fast as possible, never minding the obstacles, but before you do, just take a few moments to consider that the goal is not fading away and there is a lot of time to slay, and then, with a few steps move along, taking it slow, enjoying the ride while on the track side, as for now, the hurry will only cause worry, and after all, the steps small, will eventually save time.

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