Blue descending on the homestead

“The blue of the afternoon just after two, and so, night once again, came too soon, at leat in the middle of winter“ Gun Roswell

Blue descending on the homestead

There is nothing more so haunting and at the same time invigorating at the same time, in the midst of the darkened season, where there is only snow and ice around, nothing of any other colour to be found, except when the midday has passed as the days, they are not really meant to last, not like the long, long and dark nights, which can be quite the fright without light, the sun never popping out, except on maybe rare occasions, but not on this day, as now, today, the sun is not setting, rather the blue moment is upon, and therefore, the homestead is covered with a blue hued halo of a special effect, the gloomy and dark feel of it all, is not so bad, if you embrace the possibilities of a refresh just before the night fall, all the world bathing in the light, neither moon or sunshine, only blue, crackling almost with electricity, and then, before you have the chance to even blink, the daylight and the blue is gone and night time is once again upon, sleep time beckon gin for all to fall, taking a rest just before the hours of a new dawn.

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