My dearest, darling Coffee

“There is nothing better than a cup of coffee, well, basically, whenever you want!“ Gun Roswell

My dearest, darling Coffee

What can I tell you, that I have not already said, that you are great with everything, maybe even when I am lying in bed, even if spilling some of you all over, that I would not mind one bit. Because you are the one thing on my mind, even, when I sleep, as to when I am able to once again have that smooth and calming drink, of the most perfect substance ever created, Coffee. But as soon as I am up, the first thing I will ever do, is get that smooth taste of you, into my mouth, and then only, can the day begin. Continued only, by the support of the precious thing, which always makes my heart sing, even if I had just consumed some, I am always ready for the next one. A great cup of coffee, with or without blending, something cool like caramel or sugar or whatever concoction someone might bring in, to the coffee room. As yes, there is a dedicated space, for you my dear, and if it was up to me, I would build a full house for you! Wait a minute! There is a house built in your honour, several as a matter of fact so, there is that and I am going in there soon enough, to give my praise to you, my dearest and most darling, Coffee!

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