Sun and the Winter

“The sun is shining, on a cold winter’s day, the people out running, leaving tracks in their wake.” Gun Roswell

Sun and the Winter

The longer day upon, the sun above oh so strong, as tracks to be laid, even if no one particularly for them paid, still, need to go and get out there, to do my share, skiing, walking, whatever the means, them tracks are gonna be laid out on the snowy ground with ease, as long as the snow is there and the weather below zero fares, and so heading towards the shores, to do my fair share of the chores, laying them damned tracks for sure.

Crossing the Ice

“A cold and crispy day, but sunshine warming up the display of the outside looking inviting, for a stroll on the lake“ Gun Roswell

Crossing the Ice

The sunny day beckoned towards the open waters, only they weren’t as open this time of year, rather frozen solid like the rest of nature.

The snow covering the surface of ice, thick, which in a way is safe and nice, especially for those taking a shortcut across the lake.

The tracks there found  by so many others gone there before, taking a leisurely stroll or hurrying to work, and the one perk of enjoying the scenery while doing so.

But for those having the time, simply enjoying the warming sunshine in the midst of the coldest of winters, is something totally divine.

Tracks on the surface of the icy lake to follow

“There are so many tracks out there, on the surface and everywhere, that someone, without a compass will most certainly get totally lost!“ Gun Roswell

Tracks on the surface of the icy lake to follow

There are plenty of tracks on the icy snow of the covered lake in winter, some of them can be easily followed while others are buried deeper under the overlapping freshly made ones, but as there is no need to wallow in making the decision as it is as easy as precision, as from the chaos becomes order, if you only concentrate on the one set to make your own way, and once that choice is made, the path ahead, will be led to wherever you need to go.

So, when the selected tracks are in view, and the excitement is pretty new, wanting to simply run as fast as possible, never minding the obstacles, but before you do, just take a few moments to consider that the goal is not fading away and there is a lot of time to slay, and then, with a few steps move along, taking it slow, enjoying the ride while on the track side, as for now, the hurry will only cause worry, and after all, the steps small, will eventually save time.

Caturday I Two

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“Five cats and a woman. That is all I need in life” Alejandro Jodorowsky


The tourist of a foreign land
Came here to our strand
We let them snap some photos
And for them, strike a few poses
Scratching our backs
There is no lack
Of many a treats
Neatly we sit
Until all the pix
Are snapped
And the strangers all gone
Then we, just run along


Sunshine Reflected (two)

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“Never give up.
Today is hard, tomorrow will be worse,
but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine”
Jack Ma

Sunshine Reflected

Spring time,
According to the calendar
It would be fine
But the weather is challenging
Never mind
Just unwind
Look deeply, into the sun

Dream it
Wish it
Want it

Looking at the water
It’s getting warmer
Dare to dip in?
Of course!
I am a Finn!

Sunshine Reflected (one)

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“Never give up.
Today is hard, tomorrow will be worse,
but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine”
Jack Ma

Sunshine Reflected

Early morning by the seaside
Working day, office calling
Cool air, feeling the breeze
Never mind, it’s pretty outside

Trying hard this moment to seize
The clock is ticking
My mind is sinking
Would rather stay here, this is my thing
Dragging my feet, stalling
Slowly, into the water falling

Sunny Days (two)

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“Who cares about the clouds when we’re together?
Just sing a song and bring the sunny weather”
Dale Evans

Sunny Days

Bright ball of fire
You saved us from dire
But gently,
Caused us to perspire
Because our attire
Was not meant for a weather of dryer
And now we need to find a dryer
Before the clothes expire
But still we do admire
Your lovely hellish fire
It must be better than snow!