Land ahoy or setting sail again

“The ship ashore, can be such a bore, so better set sail out there again and some time on the waters spend” Gun Roswell 

Land ahoy or setting sail again

The old ship anchored by the shore, forgotten because it was slow and people on board got bored, as the traveling speed was too slow, for those who just wanted to really fast go

But there are those of us, preferring the calm and non fuss, hoping life to live without too much happening and then gently floating along the stream, without nothing too extreme happening.

So, perhaps this neglected vessel might just be the one thing we are looking for, stranded, by the seashore, but still worthy of a fight, and getting out there on the waves sometimes loud.

Without further doubt or thought, getting onboard, the creaking wooden planks playing their musical sounds, as the few of us enter the ship, ready for a fantastic trip.

As soon as the checks are done, sails hoisted and clearing all moorings before embarking to the high seas, as this is exactly the kind of style and pace we all seek, nothing to stop the old gal from beginning the short trip, because this is one fine albeit retro seaworthy ship.

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