Fly to the monochromatic grey

“There is nothing to it, just flap your wings and fly away, at least, that is how it was to me explained, but haven’t tried it yet thought, maybe I should? After all, it could actually work, even with my stubby wings on my old back?” Gun Roswell 

Fly to the monochromatic grey

Taking flight in the middle of the night, flying ever so high by simply, or rather not simply, flapping the wings of might, as there is nothing quite so daring, as trying and exceeding mind over gravity, as the pull is no longer winning, and the earth, stopped all spinning, as the sensations of floating freely up against the tall of the very skies is the only thing making the flyers heart roar and sing, as it is indeed a thing, when finally in flight, in the might of the grey coloured skies.

But that of course, could only be in fantasy as the birds and bees are the only ones capable of such a great feat, and so, even if only in the fantasy for the non winged ones, left here on the ground and can now only in envy watching those capable to rise above the clouds, disappearing into the shroud of the grey covering it all, and they will never fall as the winds will carry them to wherever they need to go, but those of us with clipped wings can still bring joy out of seeing them up there fly, and in our secret dreams, we can too.

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