The concentration of a photographer

“The dusk setting in, final rays of the sun, painting colours over the water and land, but the pix snappers work is never done, as this is where the fun only just begins” Gun Roswell

The concentration of a photographer

That perfect moment, only there for a second, concentration of the essence as the need to capture the very scene, is vital, mental even for the snapper of every which event happening all around and everywhere

Hysterics is the best way to describe the mood, of the snapper, having clicked, way too soon, but sometimes, they might just succeed and the perfect capture is presented right there, on the screen

But, these days, even with all the fancy technology, devices plentiful and always at hand, pun intended, the moments go past so fast, the hand eye coordination cannot fathom what happened and so, the blurry snaps, filling the storage fast

Still, if even one of the millions, is as good, a stamp of approval there should be put, then a happy face on the snapper will replace, the permascwol usually present

Then again, what is considered a good or great snap, is debatable, just check out the facts out there on the world wide internets.

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