Sliding across the surface in style

“The pretties of swans, a painting of sorts, even if it is really not, but just a zoomed out photo op, taken on the spot” Gun Roswell

Sliding across the surface in style

The majestic creature that is the swan, was seen suddenly to make a dive into the waters edge, the cameras ready, clicking away, as the bird made its case, for the onlookers, how much more better it was than any of the humans watching around, because it totally could, simply flap its wings and fly away, but not today, as the show was there, on for the benefit of those bi-peddled hoomans, who could never take flight, unless booking some tickets on a metallic creature they called a plane, something of a shame, at least in the mind of this swan, as flying and taking a deep dive, gliding on the waters, was so much fun!

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