If There is a Wrong Place and a Wrong Time: I’ll be There (TBT)

“Not fitting in just means you’re in the wrong place”


If There is a Wrong Place and a Wrong Time, I’ll be There

A sale of shoes
Small sizes only
feeling bold
Into the men’s section
I wandered
No time to loose
A nice pair of boots
Fitting like a glove
I am in love
A passer by
Asks me to pose
For a picture
To be a feature
In the paper

In my raggedy jeans
Crashing a party
Of the cocktail kind
A piece of a pie
Instructing all to jive
I was an
Overnight sensation
Even without
The proper presentation
Dancing the night away
With a hip and a sway

In my way to a show
My face in a glow
Hoping premium seats to score
Then a let down
All sold out
Feeling like clown
My face in a frown
Life is a bore

Sitting in the entry way
‘Hey lady’ I hear
Can you sing?
In my mind a ding
My heart is throbbing
Without remorse
I join the chorus
Singing my heart out
Without a doubt
The best night
Of my entire life
Despite the lack
Of several facts
I can’t dance, act or even sing

2 thoughts on “If There is a Wrong Place and a Wrong Time: I’ll be There (TBT)

  1. Wrong place at the wrong time has distinct advantage
    even though you were not meant for the sound stage
    a war on the senses you were allowed to wage
    and after all that – jot down memories on this page!

    Liked by 1 person

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