Shadow People

“Looking, ogling, watching, snapping selfies, people they’ll be!” Gun Roswell

Shadow People

Lurking in the darkness
Jumping out, making a mess
Those shadowy figures
Posing until rigor
Looks quite painful
Some quite dull

Before you even get to shout
They’re always on the look out
For that very best spot
Of yet another photo-op,
Where every they pop
No one can them ever stop

They are the selfie snappers
Always leaving an image after
The world wide web full
Counting from infinity to null
They are every where
Better not stop and directly stare

A different kind of race
Simply going at their own pace
Revolving around their centre
Is the world and time were
A duck face is the norm
And each picture is reformed

Do not get in the way
Or into a photo you may
End up inadvertently
Even quite accidentaly
And before you know it
You end up getting hits

Over there, in the world wide web
On this tiny blue sphere!

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