Shadow and the light, ever so bright

“Just watch it peek through, the light, so powerful, no shadow can hold it from bleeding through“ Gun Roswell

Shadow and the light, ever so bright

The darkness defending the land, with its cold hand, touching all in its path

But not even the most darkened shadow can last, when a burst of light, so powerful is cast

Over is the dark and dank feeling in an instant, as as soon as the power touches like a plant

Through time and space it will reach and then make its very own place to last

The light of the day, the light of life, will be able to cast away any doubt of darkness making its place forever, even if it might remain, in the shadows

Shadows of light

“The midday sun is once again, making is play around, casting curious figures in all the shadows across each and every surface” Gun Roswell

Shadows of light

The multitude of sun light, casting so many shadows again, in the warmth of the midday plight, painting tall shadows to each and every surface there is to find, tell tale signs of a surprise, left behind, those curious figures for the mere mortals to admire and to figure out the purpose, if any, what was left behind.

The tall shadows of winter

“The tall shadows of a low hanging sun in the winter time look gorgeous, but scary too”
Gun Roswell 

The tall shadows of winter

First snow fell, heavily onto big piles, all over, the grey ground
Not one single spot of dirt, or other matter, was there, to be found
And as the sun started shining, on one slow afternoon leaving
Tall shadows across the snow in its wake, making shiny sparkles
Like tiny little diamonds, so gorgeous, that all those of us looking
At them, could for a fading moment enjoy the captivating spell
Of this one and bright winters day, after the long and cruel darkness
Broken if only for a tiny fraction of time, and then feeling fine
Almost divine, until it was once again, completely, and totally dark
But even after the bright sun was gone, remaining only, was
That one and hopeful spark, that one day soon, after the moon
Had gone to sleep, the sun would come back, and then maybe, stay
Forever, and then all of us dwellers could spend all of their days
Counting the newly formed, and various kind of shapely shadows
Sometimes tall, more often times short, but the hope of the light
No matter if it was shining bright, was in their own hearts, forever

Ghost ships in the blue waters

“They can only be seen, when the fog gets too thick on the highest of seas, the ghost ships of blue that is” Gun Roswell

Ghost ships in the blue waters

They can only be visible, when the seas are filled with the coolest of those solemn hues, the blue fog surrounding the waters and when the visibility is just a few metres. It is then when the ships appear, to their special spots all over the waters edge. In the colour of blue they are shrouded, and appearing there without any passengers allowed on board them. They are the ghost of the past and the future. Not of us, but only themselves, those many ships which had sunken without any kind of trace off of the face of the world and into the deep abyss hurled. This is not to scare anyone with their presence, only acting as a reminder of the dangers, of putting too much trust in clear blue skies and calm waters, and not taking enough precautions. For the sea is not a safe place for the unprepared, by two always remember to make safety first. But if you happen to spot those blue coloured ghostly vessels, well, better err on the side of caution and stay out of the water, at least, for that day.

Blue Shadows

“That time of the day, when the sun has almost set, and all that is left before darkness, is blue”
Gun Roswell

Blue Shadows

The blues cast their tall shadows
All across the snow covered meadows
The silence, so softly breaks
Nothing, no one stirs or even shakes

It is that moment of the short day
Which between light, and the darkness lays
That total moment for a short while stays

A moment of calm
A moment of one single colour
A moment of blue

And then, just like it never was
The darkness totally engulfs
The land, the sea and the skies
As night time, has descended and all over lies

Shadow People

“Looking, ogling, watching, snapping selfies, people they’ll be!” Gun Roswell

Shadow People

Lurking in the darkness
Jumping out, making a mess
Those shadowy figures
Posing until rigor
Looks quite painful
Some quite dull

Before you even get to shout
They’re always on the look out
For that very best spot
Of yet another photo-op,
Where every they pop
No one can them ever stop

They are the selfie snappers
Always leaving an image after
The world wide web full
Counting from infinity to null
They are every where
Better not stop and directly stare

A different kind of race
Simply going at their own pace
Revolving around their centre
Is the world and time were
A duck face is the norm
And each picture is reformed

Do not get in the way
Or into a photo you may
End up inadvertently
Even quite accidentaly
And before you know it
You end up getting hits

Over there, in the world wide web
On this tiny blue sphere!

Favourite Photo Friday

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“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still” Dorothea Lange


Favourite Photo Friday

So many to choose from
I don’t even know
Where they all come from
But I guess it is the how
I am the only one to blame
If some of them gets the fame
This is what I chose this week
Hope it is what you all seek

After Sunset

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“How strange this fear of death is!
We are never frightened at a sunset”
George MacDonald

After Sunset

After, the sun has set
It is time, to place the bets
Throw in the dice
Good luck, never hits twice

Who ever, has the luck
Will not, by lighting get struck
Where ever, they may go
Good weather and fortune will follow

Well, the promise of fair weather
Some time spent for leisure
Maybe a promotion or two
If not, good luck
Trying the dice, to sue!