Tall Shadows 

“The sun is so low, it takes so long, to travel to make all the shadows, for any objects standing tall, as well, the shadows too are looking so totally long“ Gun Roswell

Tall Shadows 

In the middle of the season, the winter feeling like nature’s treason, as to sun is out so rarely and then when it is there, hanging so very low and so, once hitting the supposed zenith, it starts painting its shadows, with the looks of something so scary, as they creep up, silently getting to the top of everything and everywhere, and that really is the scare as they look so totally dark and life like when they spike against the surfaces, so tall, making the onlooker feeling really, really small.

And that isn’t all, because if you take a trip around the premises, you might just take a fall, just because, they look so real, defences of sorts?

So, beware, when threading out there, in the midst of winter, on a sunny day, so to avoid the splinters, take a toll of all them shadows standing out there tall.

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