Sunset Tower

“The rays of the setting sun hitting just the right spots, sending the rounded metal burning“ Gun Roswell

Sunset Tower

Red like a fire engines head, the burning fire of the setting sun reflected on the metallic surface

The man made object, the towering height coming to life only at this hour by the very light

Of the one object hanging high up in the skies during the days, but as the night falls it too to rest lays

But not before sending it’s shiny beams one last time across space and skies to land onto the metallic tower making it open up like a flower only not of nature

4 thoughts on “Sunset Tower

  1. You are getting really good.
    I liked the “Head’ being Fire Engine Red.
    I could only think of the first impression I had when Just Glancing at the ‘Stiff’ proud Erect Cylinder.
    A Lightening Frazzle of Energy ‘Shooting’ (exploding) through my body filling my Mouth flowing like liquid Down to the deepest entrails.

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