The cat and the selfie snap

”The cats like to destroy things, at least those that are on their way, when they over the tabletops stray, or at least asin their opinion, redecorating” Gun Roswell 

The cat and the selfie snap

The cats are cool with most things, and posing for pictures is certainly their thing, as natural are they, with a swagger and then the pose, at the moment of their choice, they will make the perfect models and then it’s full throttle so better keep that camera shutter clicking, and those flashlights flickering as the cat once started to pose, ain’t gonna stop until something completely different, catches its attention in most likely an instance. So, better keep on clicking away, and get those pictures without delay, and onto that social media account them display as many likes they are likely to repay. Both of you happy from the opportunity of a photo shoot as the loot, for the cat should be, some nam-names as a treat. One thing is for sure, that if the cat itself could, control a device such as a phone, they would be most likely snapping selfies each and ever day. Causing scenes wherever they go and then snapping those proud duckface selfies all along the way.

On set, shooting the ultimate selfie

“Everyone! Quiet on the set! Ready, lights, sound, camera and… action! “ Gun Roswell

On set, shooting the ultimate selfie

All was quiet, the crew and actors taking their places
The lights were set, the camera was ready for recording all them faces
As the director had ordered, before they closed the doors
The only sound, the metallic clang that of a clapperboard
It was that time, for the shoot, the shoot of some serious selfie photos
As, in this modern day and age, no resume is complete without those

The proverbial needled dropped, on to the quiet floor
As the camera clicked, making the shutter stall
But only for a moment, as the dramatic duck faces image was captured
The end result appearing, on to the monitor for screening

All eyes on the very spot, where the end result blocked
A collective breath holding for a moment, waiting seemingly torment
The pixels of the very image filling the once black screen with colours
Some softly commenting, its a good thing there are no odours

Finally, the end product is complete for all to see
There eyes, the nose, the hair, nothing out of place if feared
A perfect shot for the present and the prosperity
Once some minor adjustments made with some filter trickery
Nothing more to do, except save, upload, post and send
And the world wide web, most likely will remain the same

Shadow People

“Looking, ogling, watching, snapping selfies, people they’ll be!” Gun Roswell

Shadow People

Lurking in the darkness
Jumping out, making a mess
Those shadowy figures
Posing until rigor
Looks quite painful
Some quite dull

Before you even get to shout
They’re always on the look out
For that very best spot
Of yet another photo-op,
Where every they pop
No one can them ever stop

They are the selfie snappers
Always leaving an image after
The world wide web full
Counting from infinity to null
They are every where
Better not stop and directly stare

A different kind of race
Simply going at their own pace
Revolving around their centre
Is the world and time were
A duck face is the norm
And each picture is reformed

Do not get in the way
Or into a photo you may
End up inadvertently
Even quite accidentaly
And before you know it
You end up getting hits

Over there, in the world wide web
On this tiny blue sphere!

Who is Gun Roswell? (TBT)

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“Childhood means simplicity. Look at the world with the child’s eye – it is very beautiful” Kailash Satyarthi

Who is Gun Roswell?


The year was nineteen sixty eight
Life still at stage wait
I must have been no more
Than three years of age

Little Red Riding Hood
Yes, I knew I could
In the borrowed red elf’s hat
Cutest thing you ever saw
Prettiest princess of them all
How could I ever top that!

Now, forty seven years later
Oh life, you’re such a traitor!
I still love red of course
Now I wear it with horns
In the mighty stiletto heels
Life is as good as it feels


Water’s Edge for The Daily Post: Two

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“Life is a travelling to the edge of knowledge, then a leap taken”
D. H. Lawrence

Water’s Edge for The Daily Post

Landing softly
Like, into a big cup of coffee
Swimming around calmly
The water cool and salty
What did I expect?
This is sea water in all its respects!

Fish daring near
Without any kind of fear
Cool, I think
Now I am the king (or maybe queen)
Of all the sea creatures
Didn’t expect that
In this feature!


Water’s Edge for The Daily Post: One

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Photography /Poetry /Humour

“Life is a travelling to the edge of knowledge, then a leap taken”
D. H. Lawrence

Water’s Edge for The Daily Post

When standing on the edge
I made this solemn pledge
To dive in
Even if,
There would be ice thin
This September weather
Is a reminiscent of a soft feather
More so,
Than a rainy autumn
Must the Forecast Gods feel dumb!