Older and definitely wider (never wiser)

“Older and wiser! My ass! I think older and wider is more apt, literally, just look at it!” Gun Roswell

Older and definitely wider (never wiser)

Each and every morning I am going through the exact same boring routine
As I observe myself from the bathroom mirror, the image worse each day to be seen
All the smile caused wrinkles and here I am placing the sarcastic pair of air quotes
Well, the could be quite distinguished and simply more than fine
But it’s the other parts, which bother more as you see they are getting more and more wide
Except, well, the smile, which gets more narrow to the point of a beak of a sparrow
Smaller and duller and not like those other mentioned places, which are getting fuller and fuller
The old adage, some people still dare to say, that of getting wisdom with age?
Only it is a total sham and worse of it all is, that it came with cans of spam!
And of course I dared myself and ate the whole huge damned lot
So now I am neither the winner of the pot and I think I likely ran out of luck
As I am getting much older now, only not as I had hoped, the kind of wiser
But definitely with each and every passing day, I will be the more wider!

Oh, the world today! (as seen on the news)

“Not today Satan, not today!” Bianca del Rio

Oh, the world today! (as seen on the news)

The news are pouring, as the world is loudly roaring, that which is all around an individual happening, nothing or no one it dampening. Someone in utmost urgency shouting “Oh the humanity of it all!” While others, are just shaking their collective heads, simply stating, “Luckily, not in my neighbourhood that kind of ball.” Well, maybe not at this very moment, but don’t hold your breath, it may just be all coming, to a place near you, only, in instalments. Because if you contently wait long enough, all that stuff, visible on the big screen TV, well, that just might happen quite close to home. This warning may chill you to the bone, but head the warnings and all that is bad in the world, and maybe, you’ll be safe and not into the chaos of it all be hurled.

Meanwhile: Somewhere in the corner of the Galaxy, Madam Satan is shivering in fear of the analogy, of the happenings on, the small and remote planet called Earth, on the large view screen of a boob tube. Without much of mirth, stating, quite simply, “I will need to get my refund of that soul I just bought, from that big white coloured house, oh what a louse!” shaking her head, “He is the one, a human one, who is pure with evil and would certainly be too much, even for me to handle!”


“It’s Monday again folks! Better buckle up tight, because we are in, for a rude ride!” Gun Roswell


It is far too early, in the bloody hours of the morning, as I keep on yawning
Rolling, out of bed, even if, I should have stayed, under the warm covers instead
My head, is a total mess, and I am slowly but gradually beginning, to feel the stress
Of yet another week beginning, and no, I am so not, any kind of ballads singing
The signs were all there, in plain sight, just yesterday, all day long, I am fearing
For this day, to once again, come around, was it unexpected? Not really
Because for sure, I knew all along, it was lurking there, behind, the closed doors
Snoozing the alarms, going to hiding, trying to keep on the snores
No, nothing really ever helps, so, this is it folks! And no, no more of them jokes!
This is serious business and we all, need to start a rebellion, nay, a revolution!
To ban this day for once and for all, and never, ever again, should anyone feel small
When standing, against this, very big, hairy monster of a thing, on this, day
Where most of us, or at least some of the more sensitive people, feel like they are slain
By, this, fire spitting dragon, with the sharpest of teeth, as it is coming, to existence
Each and every single week, and right after, that perfect, slow paced place, no resistance left…

Alas, the weekend is now gone, and I am standing, sad and totally alone, dreading
Fearing, shaking, my pants almost peeing, but, with hands so sweaty, but I am nearing
My sword raised high and without even a hint of a smile, I am going to face it once again-
– Monday!

Reflections of a holiday gone by

“All the memories, filling the cupboards of the mind, of so much travel time, during holidays, now gone by” Gun Roswell

Reflections of a holiday gone by

The warm weather on a sunny day
Under the parasol the traveler lay
Wondering about nothing at all
As this time, was reserved, for a ball

A long lasting party on the beach
Food and drinks just, at reach
Laughter and rhythmic music
The one and only constant

As running in a movie like slow motion
On the sandy beach without commotion
Life simple and totally carefree
Blue seas and skies forever to see

Nothing coming close to perfection
As looking back at the reflection
Of a holiday well spent in the past
But alas, it was never meant, to last

Oh well, maybe will come, some other time
There will be an opportunity for something so fine
When the option of just trying to unwind
Under the perfect palm tree, with a wide smile

The antisocial me

“There is nothing wrong in being a little antisocial, at least, that way, you keep all the bugs and even the hugs at bay ;D“ Gun Roswell

The antisocial me

I don’t like crowds, with voices always so loud
Even if myself, I like to often scream and shout

I don’t feel the pressure, to be the best dresser
Even if my wardrobe, is filled with, so many clothing treasures

I don’t need people, surrounding each and every open peep hole
Even if sometimes, I feel like, the loneliest of them all

I don’t want to be, the one and only queen of the hive
Even if a hidden dream of mine, is to be the most liked bee with a wide smile

I don’t think I am that bad, if I say there are too many of us in the world open wide
Even if I secretly, I hold oh so very dear, each and every single life

I know this sound like I am antisocial
And I admit, that before all this time so very docile
I was quite ahead of time and also fashionable
Of being the one they called: “non too social”

But as the old adage goes, two is a company, three is a crowd
Sometimes I simply prefer to be, just me, myself and I, and of, that I am proud

All that may be coming…

“I know not all that may be coming,
but be it what it will, I’ll go to it laughing.”
― Herman Melville, Moby-Dick


All that may be coming…

The days, all the same, as they turn up, after each other like clockwork

One by one, fading away, nothing remembered or loving about them jerks

But I will stay optimistic about it all, even if this situation lasts from spring till fall

I promise to take what ever comes, head on

Even, if I have to stumble and sometimes fall

Life is never easy, and mostly I just feel queasy

Then I turn into my hopes and dreams and before totally beaten I feel

I piece of chocolate I steal

And then, I feel fine again, as for a brief moment in happiness I spend

As I find it’s the littlest things in the end, which life turns around again

Village by the seashore

“Settled into a small seaside village, for the weekend at least, what could be more fun than that Gun Roswell 

Village by the seashore

The quite tiny, yet very lively village 
By the calm blues and sandy seashore exists
The every day life to some might seem dull
But the dwellers there, would that argument null
Because the life even without luxury, is very full

The fishing, the shopkeeping and even just being
Is the way or them, and starts early every single morning 
Always a happy smile and a quick hello 
To their neighbours but also complete strangers 
Get the same treatment, without a seconded thought

And, when an errand tourist there might venture 
On a weekend getaway from the daily grind, they might find
That no connection there exists of the internet kind 
And soon enough, even after first huff, that will be really fine 
Because visiting this settlement, turns out to quite the adventure 

The world in a cup of coffee

“There is a time for coffee and that time is anytime possible” Gun Roswell

The world in a cup of coffee

The day, started, just like, any other day
With a steaming cup, of the hottest and darkest liquid, to save
This, tiny soul and eventually, the world

Staring, into the still silence of the whirlwind 
Also, still knowing, that something, would soon begin
And, that it, would most likely, change the world

Smelling, inhaling, sipping, enjoying, the total bliss
No matter how much or how often, cannot believe this exists
The total euphoria, I would like to share with the world

But, before all that was going to happen
I am, into this, elixir of life, with full force, tapping
So, for now, the world, will just have to wait 
Until the coffee filled blissful state to be hurled

A social media inspired song

“Procrastination is like a credit card: it’s a lot of fun until you get the bill” Christopher Parker

A social media inspired song

Dancing, romancing
Laughing, prancing
Completely trancing
Time fast advancing

Panic quickly attacks
There is no turning back
Time was supposed to lack
Or maybe I am a quack

I was supposed to do
An essay, story, poem or a few
If I only had the slightest clue
I would not be feeling blue
Right now

Was I procrastinating?
Maybe just contemplating?
Planning my next writing?
Or simply, just waiting?

A simple prompt enough
Not too a difficult task
But if I must, I must
With these words at last

I am not going to be defeated
And this poem is completed