Light at the end of the very dark tunnel

“Even in the darkest of moments, a slice of light will crack through” Gun Roswell

Light at the end of the very dark tunnel

The darkness long and harsh, without any redeeming parts
The land, the sky, the ocean once blue, painted in the same hue
Of greyish black, dark as the heart of the dwellers without a clue
On how to and this all and to get back into the ways of light
As despite, all their efforts to gather up some slice of the nice
And warming softly burning fiery light, there had not been any signs
Of the darkness letting on and so, trying to remain calm and strong
The dwellers patiently waited and kept on looking into the horizon
For any and all signs of the bringer of light to be anytime soon rising
There was a long time spent, just doing nothing special to relent
To the thoughts of never ever seeing the hope in the air
Yielding into to semi permeant despair, as all the things to repair
The missing life of the light had failed but there was one who dared
To hop and sit and stare, at the tunnel of darkness but seeing the end
And there, the very hope of light, and standing guard just in case
The light could be spared all through the tunnel and to all others
Simply waiting in strife, and perhaps tomorrow would bring it forth

The lit path ahead

“The nightly road ahead, can be scary, when walking alone, no matter how up and grown one might be, but luckily, the snow and the lights carefully placed along, it is a much easier task to make the way home” Gun Roswell

The lit path ahead

The dark and long night, had a scary quality and not just the sight, of the long road ahead, to be walked in complete darkness as not even the moon was out this night. But as they weary traveller looked ahead, the path set up front was seemingly clear, not what the traveller had expected at all, rather now, getting more and more bold in getting on that trip, as the snow had fallen only moments ago, leaving a soft and glimmering trail to be followed, and to top the end of the formerly felt horrors on embarking on this path, the lights were now on, shining so brightly, it was almost like the darkness had rescinded and it felt more safe, almost like walking in broad daylight. So, without any further hesitation, the traveller got a new sense of self and with a deep breath and a resolve, started on the lit path, as it had been foretold.

My achy breaky tooth

“There is just something about a tooth ache, and being in that tight situation, in which is hardly a funny place to be!“ Gun Roswell

My achy breaky tooth

Sick and tired of aching, there is really no explaining, as to the why oh whys’ and the goings on

So why not simply take me to the dentist, as perhaps inside there something otherworldly exist

Right there, right inside of my poor, poor broken ol’ tooth and maybe I won’t even need that already hired and totally expensive sleuth 

As the mystery is beginning to unravel, bit by bit, broken off piece by piece, something which even my niece, would have a good laugh off

But, as the ache continued to run its cause, the source still unknown, not sure whether a small alien had made its nest there or was it just because

The only option was to try, some heavy duty drugs to push the ever constant hammering away

Then, someone suggested, that maybe, take a trip to the nearest dentist, something which in own foggy mind had not been a thought

So, reserving an appointment right there on the spot, and then running or rather walking to the doctor’s dreary looking shop

The whistles and whining sounds, not a pleasant greeting at the door

Still, I could not be that one person bore, who was afraid of a doctor, when the tooth was sore

Did not even manage to sit down, when a nurse called my name just on the sound of the bell and hell, I was so ready to subside that pain for good 

And what do you know, as it did not take a moment longer, counting from three to nought and then, waking up, not really sore, but with a bloated face

Than again, the pain had finally been taken away, so that was that then I guess

Coffee time again

“The coffee time? Well, it’s always time for coffee so I guess, time is coffee and coffee is time” Gun Roswell

Coffee time again

The time for coffee, is always there

Whether you are are perky or in despair

It does not matter if you are at home or working

There is always a cup of coffee there on the lurking

The time is now and now is the time for coffee

Whether someone else in frustration is huffing

A true coffee lover does not really care

If others in stop and totally do stare

Just because you are the one with the cup

It does not mean, that you should stop

Drinking that one fine substance in the universe

The tastes, even the odour is simply diverse

So, never put your gears to reverse

Just because someone said, coffee does not rule

And for that, you can say, they are a total fool

Because coffee does rule, your world, all the world

And should you to some other universe to be hurled

Remember to take plenty of coffee with you

And introduce it to the local dwellers, for sure

So, is there time for a cup of some coffee?

Indeed, there always is, time for another cup of coffee

Love, Cat, Fat, Cat

“Growing old together, or at least, growing up together? Matter of an opinion perhaps? But growing fat together, now that is really something!” Gun Roswell

Love, cat, fat, cat

The two small kittens, wandered to this specific position, on the map that is, making their home with the Hooman who could not ignore, the perfect slim and tiny baby cats, who simply needed someone to look after. So, welcoming them duo with open arms, was most likely a move smart.

Years then passed and the two tiny kittens grew, really fast. Bouncing around the place, the house and the yard, where they usually stayed, but mostly inside, eating whatever their Hooman keepers would the two bouncy, playful and very lively duo of cats provide.

It was fine for plenty of years, playing, amusing where needed and hunting mice, well, sort of, as there weren’t that many really around. Then curling up in the lap of the Hooman, making them feel needed and totally wanted, because yes, those cats were oh so smart!

So, a few more years passed, and as the once thin and slim kitty cats bounced all around, started to slow down, their essence as their minds, grew rather wide. Fat someone might say, but hey, maybe the bones inside grew too. But that was not the point, to complain about the fat and the achy joints, rather the fact, that these two, grew together to the ripe old age they were now.

On the rocks?

“Between the hard of the rock and the blue coloured watery place? Tough choices them are, which I have to make!” Gun Roswell 

On the rocks?

When life takes you to the seashore, a place you have seem so many times before, it is there where the endless blue waters and warm sands beneath your soles meet the rocks of the past, standing ever so tall. 

But whether you simply want to look at the statuesque construct by Mother Nature, or the daringly climbing on the very top, be reminded of the danger of the alluring rocky structure, as you  may end up for a great big fall.

So, make your choice, take a pick, of either remaining where you are, on the safety of the beach, and just leaving that one dream of conquering the mountain ever so high, just there, out of reach, playing the bet as safe as can be, because you are here to peace only find!

Or, take on the challenge, to climb as high as possible even if you might lack the talent, because you are the one and only hot head of the heard, of those near which might have that one and only rant heard, and then, simple take the plunge or in this case, the climb!

Bitch Ever So Perfect

“I am not trying to give an image of a fairytale, perfect, everything else, I am just being myself” Rebecca Loos

Bitch Ever So Perfect

Call me the perfect bitch
Or just the worst one you can find
I may be a broom-less witch
But still the best of my kind

You may find me..

Taking flight
In the darkest of night
Or just taking a bus
In the early morning rush

You may see me…

Dancing naked in the pouring rain
Celebrating life to the fullest
Or just having a beer in a dive bar stained
Being one of the people dullest

You may catch me…

Casting the mightiest of spells
Cursing and not giving a damn
Or just talking to my mom on the cell
Just because, I can

Now you may see me…

In a new aspect
As a bitch perfect
Because that is who I am
Just because, I can

Surviving Mondays

“Oh Monday, you are so totally cruel and always come uninvited into my life, what can i do to keep you at bay?“ Gun Roswell

Surviving Mondays

The Monday morning had once again arrived
I know it because I can totally smell its pride
Raising the ugly head I now know far to well
And then, there is that, totally fowl smell

You to tempt me to kick your non too rounded arse
As this day, always turns into some odd kind of farce
But if I did not already have this headache
From merely thinking about you to arrive and me break

You always make me numb, avoid of all the fun
Lashing out to me, with something or another
As if this beginning of the week would not already be a struggle
The weekend gone and Friday nowhere in sight, bummer!

But, there is one thing, that could help me pull through
That one single and totally lovely and tasting full brew
The darkest of liquids and the greatest of sustenance 
Ever devised by mankind, which has no pretence

It’s simply, well, just great
So go ahead, take a break
For this cup of stuff is no fake
Go, enjoy, your coffee, now!

Older and definitely wider (never wiser)

“Older and wiser! My ass! I think older and wider is more apt, literally, just look at it!” Gun Roswell

Older and definitely wider (never wiser)

Each and every morning I am going through the exact same boring routine
As I observe myself from the bathroom mirror, the image worse each day to be seen
All the smile caused wrinkles and here I am placing the sarcastic pair of air quotes
Well, the could be quite distinguished and simply more than fine
But it’s the other parts, which bother more as you see they are getting more and more wide
Except, well, the smile, which gets more narrow to the point of a beak of a sparrow
Smaller and duller and not like those other mentioned places, which are getting fuller and fuller
The old adage, some people still dare to say, that of getting wisdom with age?
Only it is a total sham and worse of it all is, that it came with cans of spam!
And of course I dared myself and ate the whole huge damned lot
So now I am neither the winner of the pot and I think I likely ran out of luck
As I am getting much older now, only not as I had hoped, the kind of wiser
But definitely with each and every passing day, I will be the more wider!