Shiny pair of new shoes

“New day, new shiny shoes, new attitude!” Gun Roswell 

Shiny pair of new shoes

They are shiny, they are new, they seem to be a really cool pair of shoes, something bought online, without testing, simply trusting they would be simply fine as they really, really looked so nice.

So, now today, is the first day to try them on, even if the feeling of putting them on, is giving some shivers, but luckily, they fit perfectly, even the laces were easy enough to use, as a zipper would have been better to use but still, no need to refuse them.

But now, the few strides have been done, the hold of the soles tested, and out there to world, well at least the nearest city, I will let myself go, maybe slow at first, then running if and where needed.

The new shoes having gotten me all excited and so, I will out there thrive, with new shoes and new attitude accompanying the ensemble.

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