Riding a car, any car

“I like driving a car, to some place nice, where the roads are wide and nobody is around“ Gun Roswell

Riding a car, any car

The car is something of a contradiction, whether be it gas powered or having to stick it into the socket for refuel, but whatever the mode, it will have to make due, as sometimes long distances cannot be peddled away with a bike or two. And buses? Don’t get me started! Either they arrive as per schedule, or you wait an hour or few, and go back home stomping and feeling blue, as nothing planned got done due to the lack of not funds, but a rather a ride!

So, once you sit inside, put the gear shift to drive, there is no going back. Well, of course if you plan to return, then there is that. But, the trip has now started as the engine on the car has parted, from the safety of the home yard and now, it might go far, or then again, to the nearest shop, if that was the planned stop. So, wherever you want to go, in a car big or small, for now, just keep on riding, as tomorrow, well, who knows what is on the horizon.

Cars, lorries and other driving vessels

“Rides of all kinds, are beckoning you to drive, at least, in your dreams” Gun Roswell 

Cars, lorries and other driving vessels

Driving, is a form of meditation, especially, when on a very long haul, where sometimes even time will stall, where the calm of the empty highways, might just cause some unexpected smiling, when finally alone with ones own thoughts, causes a pause, from the daily life, and then to ponder as to the lived life, as there is nothing else to do, except the path ahead to ride.

But, if you are not prepared for that moody blue mood, and the thoughts while left alone, does not really yourself suit, and you really want to have some more fun than simply riding in silence and being totally stunned, then why not put on some travel music instead, and see where it all could lead. Maybe hum along the tunes of old and goldies, or then, rap along the modern sounds, but most importantly, the best thing to do is, to enjoy the ride.

In cars, lorries and other kinds of vehicles you can make the trip either short or even a long one, depending on what the motivated the plan in the first place, but then again, embarking on the ride just for fun, can easily be done.

Blue Car

“Even if the car is painted blue, it doesn’t mean it is always a the hue of you” Gun Roswell 

Blue Car

There, in the streets, it stood parked, right there in the busy hoods, the old girl of a thing, the blue car, from the seventies or something, self cared and well preserved, even if it wasn’t much to look at. No ‘ohs’ or ‘ahs’ from the passers by, maybe sometimes, a hint of smile, but mostly considered a heap of a rust bucket, to be thrown all the way to the town of Nantucket. 

But the owner of said vehicle, defended the tiny car quite maniacal, as it had won the heart and soul of the keeper so bold, daring to take this vessel from the beyond and keep it safe from wind and storm, whenever they were not driving along, the busy streets singing along to old tunes as heard then and now, on the radio.

It may be a tiny old and blue car, but it will drive you so far, or at least as far as you need to go, even if it may be quite slow, but hey, where is they hurry anyway? Just take a seat, buckle up tight and then, well, drive!

Black Car from the beyond

“If you want to drive a car, any car, which may or may not got very far? Well, better then to choose the classic one, as it really can be lots of fun!“ Gun Roswell

Black Car from the beyond

Go and get out there, into the busy streets and do so, in the utmost style, maybe even adorned with a huge big of a smile, because it has been quiet the while, since any kind of vehicle, let alone something so grandiose, has come up your way. And so, this big car of a thing, from the way, way past of ours was brought back from it’s rusty grave and now, it too can sing, at least, if you consider the roaring engine sounds a song of gratitude, after having literally been reborn, as the outfitting and refurbishing now completely done and for this old beast of burden from the beyond, it is a new lease in life and what else is there to do, except to keep going on! And so, hopping on the ride so wide, it takes at least the whole lane of the street, but never mind, it’s all just fine as it is always a treat, to see the admiring peeps along the walkways when this hunk of old but golden metal hums along the streets of the modern world where it was hurled.

Trying on a Ride

“Too many vehicles, too many choices” Gun Roswell

Trying on a Ride

When the itcing to take a long ride
Takes on, but then it’s so hard to decide
Which option, would be the absolute best
Better just pick up one, really quickly, and forget the rest

Heading to the crowded streets
This really never is, what I seek
The open roads, the sun on my back
That is the image, which is painted on my back

Steering clear of the city limits
I know, it took a few and some more, of them gimmicks
But soon enough the highway is in sight
And my poor little scooter, is finally taking flight!

Mini in blue with a flag on top

“Ride a mini cooper, the tiny four wheel vehicle and you never go back to a Volkswagen, or, what ever kind of car” Gun Roswell

Mini in blue with a flag on top

A Union Jack flag, painted, on the very top of her head
Two white ‘go’ stripes, adorning, the hood ahead
Her headlights, big, bright and very shiny things, and yes, oh so metallic
As I continue listing all these qualities, I am getting so, so ecstatic
Darkest of blue, is the shiny coat she wears
Why don’t you, just take a peek inside, if you dare
(I know you want to, go ahead, it’s alright, she won’t bite, well, maybe, just a nibble!)
Lot’s of room, in this small, little gal is packed
Four seats, even ample storage, and a motor, in the back
She truly is, a complete package, of beauty and smart
This tiny, and little, old school mini cooper, is a totally and utterly, lovable car

Tiny truck

Posted in Haiku

“The tiniest of trucks, does the job” Gun Roswell

Tiny truck

Tiny truck, often was mocked
For being so small, what could it
Really haul? The others kept

It taunting, almost to a
Point of haunting, until one day it
Had had enough, it got

Really tough, went out to
Get a big pack of stuff, so
Big, it almost was lost

Under the great big haul
But alas, with a huff and puff
The tiny truck, proved them

All, who really really wrong
They had been and until this day
The heroics are told by

The tiny truck that could