Hop over the fence

“The grass might be greener, or well, there could be puddles of mud there, but I still feel like jumping over to find out“ Gun Roswell 

Hop over the fence

No matter how many times I try to peek, I cannot really all that clearly see, what is out there, on the other side of the tall fence, because sometimes, the build of it is much too dense, but what I do see from the small holes, I know I like a lot, and despite all the warnings of being careful of getting what I had wished for, as what there could be in store for me, well, we’ll see, as I still really want to get over and have a look around, what secrets and perhaps treasures on the other side can be found.

So, hopping over the tall fence, hoping not to make any dents, not on myself in the form of a splinter nor breaking down the sometimes brittle woodwork, but as I finally get over the dividing wall, I can see the many reasons I got interested in finding out what lay there behind, and now as I am embarking on this adventure, well aware of the posing danger possibly lurking there, but I simply don’t care, as I can see the truth now, that of the grass indeed being much greener on the other side.

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