Low tech

“It might be low tech and old but if it still works, then why would you want to change it? “ Gun Roswell

Low tech

The technology from the past, has far better lasted, than anything modern, which easily break down, as all of it might just be a tad too complex, too small and too thin and way too plastic for their own good. As all of it needs to be so small and light, one single misstep and you will have lost the fight, the tools you need breaking down in front of you, shattering to small piece and you will lose all the data, the life you lead as it is all in there, what you think you need. And then, nothing but darkness will ensue.

But, with the low tech devices, the computers taking the space of houses, the phones with the cords attached to the walls, or sometimes even out here in the good old fashion booths. Well, those are still around, even if they might be hard to found, but the do work, it’s just, you will look like a jerk, using them, at least, that is the common consensus. But, if you are smart enough, use the old school technology wisely, take care of it and maybe, it will out last all the new and fancy gadgets and devices?

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