A hidden cabin in the wintery woods

“It is so good to hide, we’ll, sometimes, especially during the hard winter times” Gun Roswell

A hidden cabin in the wintery woods

The snow had fallen during the dark night, still totally pristine as there was not a soul in sight
The nature around the forest area, calm and silent, even the wood dwellers absolutely quiet
The steps the outside taken, with the footfalls ever so light, in the surroundings now oh so bright
The cabin small and absolutely cozy, the interior rather comfortable despite the lack of creature comforts
But some of them still remained there, like electricity, running water and a few more of the affordables
Still, their lack would not likely had been even that noticeable, as the ambiance was anything but predictable
As all the beauty around the small cottage, more than made it up with all its beauty and dignity
And to top those visions out and all around, the morning sun was up and shining very brightly
Making the white blanket around covering most of the ground, glittering like the finest diamonds
And so, the days spent in and around the rather hidden safe space in the middle of the forest
Well who could have known to ask for a better place, where for a weekend, a week or a winter to stay and restfully the nights lay
As no modern all inclusive house or dwelling, could beat this nice small villa in a competition, even if there was none to begin with

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