Step onto the icy creek

“Winter has taken over the land, the water and the trees“ Gun Roswell

Step onto the icy creek

The fluffy white scene when stepping out the door, into the nature around, the forest soon to be found, the same stuff all over hanging like fluff, as if glued by tiny hands, each strand, sticking onto the surface where it did land.

Even the eternal running waters, the creek, just near the border, is frozen over, solid ice covering the once nice sound of music there would play, as the pouring liquids hit the small rocks and whatever else was on their way.

But no worries, slap on a pair, of skates if you prefer and then slide across the frozen surface, pretend you are a prince or princess or whatever else you may just want to be, as in this gorgeous sugary winter’s scene, you can be all those things.

Snow fall in the forrest

“Crispy and white, is the fluffy stuff, having fallen onto the tree branches at night” Gun Roswell

Snow fall in the forrest

The  whole night before, had something special for the wanderer in store, with the powdery stuff now covering all, even the tree branch, hanging there softly by the edges, only to be taken off with a slight shake.

The transparent flakes, piling onto the others, not really knowing where one ended, but still it all looked so splendid, the softness hovering and covering it all, trees, bushes and fields and all.

It was a miracle done by nature, turning the grey and dull overnight into a picture perfect fairy tale like image, something reminiscent of a picture from a book, and so with a single look, trying to memories it all into the deep recess of the mind, to conjure up during a hot night of summer warm.

Frosted Blues

“That moment, when the blues hits, the same time of the day, when nature paints all the outside in the same colour as is the mental mood of the on out there, standing on display.” Gun Roswell

Frosted Blues

The mood reflected all around, from skies to the ground, the colour varied in hues, but it is, definitely, the Blues.

No matter the time of year, no matter, whether the sun was up there or simply the grey clouds spreading their shades of two.

It is always the same, at the exact moment of the day, when it all happens, out there, where no one dares to even imagine the why’s out of fear.

But those familiar with the colour, the many shades of it, no matter what they call it, it will go by one single name, the Blues.

Dare to embrace it, feel it, sing it, hang on to it for the moment when it hits, as in a split second, it will surround you and then, like it did hit, it will be gone as quick as that.

Trying to hang on to it, is never good, and why you really shout not, can be tough, but letting go, is the better choice, as the spell of it is luring, and the pain enduring while under the Blues, rewarding.

But it will never really be gone, as long as you are one with nature, so, without hatred, embrace the Blues and when the moment hits, live in it, but let go, and more strong will you be.

As the Blues is not something anyone should really own.

Something hidden in the woods

“There is something there, in the wintery woods, something, secret, something magical perhaps?” Gun Roswell

Something hidden in the woods

The magic of winter, the soft cover falling all over, hiding something precious beneath, something which those dwellers will want to seek, even if might simply be a fantasy, concocted by fairy tales of the very past, being told around the camp fires, mouth to mouth without any written records passed.

But as the snowy cover none too long will last, perhaps a day, a week or a month, the weather gods, always so unpredictable, those treasure seekers really need to move fast, if they want to find, whatever they might just be looking for.

It might be something totally unseen and even unheard of, or then, they find nothing, but whatever the case might just be, it does not really matter for these die hard treasure hunters, as the quest is the one thing which moves them forward, no matter if there really is no reward in the end.

Snow cover like sprinkled powder

“The snow fell upon the land, covering it all, with a white blanket, soft, but cold and well, guess that is all” Gun Roswell

Snow cover like sprinkled powder

The bluish hue when the night falls upon the land on the shores

The snow having softly made a landing, now covering it all

Not just the land though, but also the newly iced over waterfall

The sparkly waters only yesterday roaring with life

Now simply frozen by the temperatures plummeted over night

It’s a pretty sight though, no matter the cold

And for those, loving the winter activities, feeling bold 

Can get out there with their skis, skates and whatever else daring 

Because soon enough, it will get either too cold or too warm

To really enjoy the scenery and the soft and sparkling snow

So, getting up and out there, no matter if liking it or not

Just try to go with the flow and enjoy, well, the snow

On the snowy branches

“Snow covered branches for the wintery feel it’s a great deal, don’t you agree?“ Gun Roswell 

On the snowy branches

The sugary feel of the snowy cover to seal the deal of the winter still here, and it’s a good kind of feel, as it all looks so great when venturing out to the forest too see all the coolest of what this season has to offer. So, when heading out to the deepest of woods, to perhaps get hooked, with the winter scenery, which is more pretty than the actual seasonal weather of cold and damp, the frozen surfaces mostly annoying, but all this easily forgoing as the pretty effects of the snow covered branches and such, can capture even the most hardened winter hater, and before it becomes later, make sure to step into that snow overcome world in the forest, unless you are living in a concrete jungle, then those kind be more difficult to find, then simply be on the look out for any kind of green thingy, a bush, a small tree, whichever kind you might just see, as there is nature all around, no matter the place you are bound to, and then you too can see that some of the more wintery season, can be good and gorgeous.

The cold hand of winter

“The winter is the cruelest season of them all, at least, that is the way it was described before” Gun Roswell

The cold hand of winter

Everything deeply buried in the cold air and frozen snow and ice, which admittedly looks very nice, when not having to shovel the stuff or slip and break something off. But, the snow and ice is also a cover, a sort of a shelter against the cold weather, especially for the nature and the delicate seeds and those animals whom are deeply in their winter sleep. So, before going off and scolding all that snow and ice, which mostly, is not that nice for the human dweller, there is something good about this season as well, like the protectiveness to nature it gives. But also the pretty and gorgeous vistas of the snowy fields and forests, the statuesque contracts when a snow storm has passed and left behind all kinds of things looking artsy and nice. And of course, for those appreciating the ever changes scenery, us, the card carrying photo snappers never weary of getting ourselves out here and taking the perfect pic, this winter’s season will give a lot of slack, and you don’t even have to walk far, as it’s all there, even on the back yard. But, it’s pretty cold outside, most of the time in winter, so dress up warm to avoid the cold hand, of the dreary winter.

Winter’s blue forest

“The forest had turned to a cool shade of blue, the hue when the night was about to fall over the tall trees“ Gun Roswell

Winter’s blue forest

That specific haunted kind of feeling, when it’s absolutely frozen, all in their place where they lay just before the moment when the temperatures plummeted after the heavy snow fall, now looking like it was by design to cause this time to stall. The magic of the place as nothing moves, not even a crow flies above, because it’s way too cold for any kind of sentient being to be about, except the one whom dared to wonder around, as the blues of the winter forest beckoned to get going in there, deep inside the blue and wondrous lair of Mother Nature herself, while peeking through the thick branches laced with ice and frozen snow. There might be a chance to get completely lost in the woods, and only being found when the spring would come and thaw it all, but not today, as the guideline to follow has been laid out in the tracks clearly visible in the snow, because nobody else dared to wander into the blue forest in the middle of a winter’s afternoon.

Snow forest views


“The winter’s never ending supply of snow especially in the forest is amazing to look at, even if it seems to go on forever” Gun Roswell 

Snow forest views

Monochromatic are the scenes in the deep of the deep forest of the winter now seen, after the heavy snow has fallen all over the place, like a glancing on top of a tall cake it there stays, and covers all the trees tall, the branches heavy with the stuff, all hanging on low and tight, thanks to the icy cold weather hanging in place there, in the fresh air like tethered with invisible strings, not seen, but felt, with each breath when dared to venture into the land of wonder simply to ponder on the very existence of it all. 

But, once you are deep inside of the forest, walking among the tall trees, and eventually making a break under a few of them, the shelter quite protective and hidden, from prying eyes, simply to remain there and listen, to all the voices of the place, laying low and staying quite, do not to disturb the delicate balance, of those dwelling in there. And so, becoming one with the scenery, observing it all without interference at all, is the best way to see what really is going on, in the wintery forest filled with snow.


Blue Moment has descended into the Winter’s Forest

“The silence of the wintery forest is palpable, as the cold settles in and nothing really wants to move or sing“ Gun Roswell

Blue Moment has descended into the Winter’s Forest

The day was slowly but surely ending as the supposed sunshine was now setting, deep into the horizon, only to be rising again, the next day, perhaps as is the promise of this endless cycle of the dance of the sun and the moon and the stars. But in its way it left a deep blue colour without regrets of any kind, for the sun setting but with a kind of a smile to give all those who were believing in her return, even if sometimes there were doubts of that shiny ball of a light to never emerge again. But mostly there was a trust so inherit, that the sun would rise and that was enough to put a smile on the dwellers eyes, and so the calming of the blue moment, set deep in the forest on this winter’s day, was enough to convince them all, there would be another sunny day, if not tomorrow, or the day after, then at least, soon enough, as life was totally rough, in the cold darkness of the winter’s forest.