Something hidden in the woods

“There is something there, in the wintery woods, something, secret, something magical perhaps?” Gun Roswell

Something hidden in the woods

The magic of winter, the soft cover falling all over, hiding something precious beneath, something which those dwellers will want to seek, even if might simply be a fantasy, concocted by fairy tales of the very past, being told around the camp fires, mouth to mouth without any written records passed.

But as the snowy cover none too long will last, perhaps a day, a week or a month, the weather gods, always so unpredictable, those treasure seekers really need to move fast, if they want to find, whatever they might just be looking for.

It might be something totally unseen and even unheard of, or then, they find nothing, but whatever the case might just be, it does not really matter for these die hard treasure hunters, as the quest is the one thing which moves them forward, no matter if there really is no reward in the end.

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