Snow cover like sprinkled powder

“The snow fell upon the land, covering it all, with a white blanket, soft, but cold and well, guess that is all” Gun Roswell

Snow cover like sprinkled powder

The bluish hue when the night falls upon the land on the shores

The snow having softly made a landing, now covering it all

Not just the land though, but also the newly iced over waterfall

The sparkly waters only yesterday roaring with life

Now simply frozen by the temperatures plummeted over night

It’s a pretty sight though, no matter the cold

And for those, loving the winter activities, feeling bold 

Can get out there with their skis, skates and whatever else daring 

Because soon enough, it will get either too cold or too warm

To really enjoy the scenery and the soft and sparkling snow

So, getting up and out there, no matter if liking it or not

Just try to go with the flow and enjoy, well, the snow

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