Snow and the very Calm Seaside

“The snow has landed, literally and figuratively, even if this one here, resides on the sea” Gun Roswell

Snow and the very Calm Seaside

Oh the snow, the snow, the snow, it is everywhere!

No matter where your eyes land or you try to stare!

The glare of it all, when the sun is shining, which is rare, at least during the dark and long winter season hours, lasting for, well, the whole day!

There is no escape, as most of us Northeners now know, you know, from the snow?

Because wherever you just might go, for sure, there will be more snow there too.

As seen on TV, the planet in rather of a turmoil, because, of the, well oil?

So, try to enjoy the time, no matter how cold, wet or whatever other word you might think of, this seasonal cruelty, the Nature itself has directed towards us small humanoid types trying to play ball.

Then again, why not go to space? There is no ice there, right?

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