Calmest after the storm has passed

“The storm has finally past, and the sun is setting over the darkening horizon, but, this moment will not last as there is surely a new storm on the rising“ Gun Roswell

Calmest after the storm has passed

The skies were clearing up, the greys of the day no longer on display. Instead, a calming blue hue a compassed the horizon, indicating the rising of a sunset, soon to paint the skies red, but before that would happen and the moon would take its place up there lighting the glowing sphere of land and water, the warming rays of the sun peeking out before it was time to turn out the lights, lulling those dwellers large and small to a sense of security, that no matter what kind of events causing turmoil and scare and panic, usually, it would all pass after all these moments would not longer last, than any other of their kind, not the moonlight, not the sunshine or the worst wind factors or even rain mild. Because as of now, it was once again peace and quiet over the lands and waters, and those who were not bothered, by these changes happening around them, would enjoy each and every type, even if it meat that sometimes they needed to fight, for survival, but in the end, all that which was spent, was rewarded with a break of total silence in the calming moment after the storm had passed by, and there was no reminders left high up in the darkening skies.

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