The Lookout Cat

“Time spent with cats, is never wasted”

The Lookout Cat 

The lookout cat, at her very post
Neatly and frozen, staying, in the exact same pose
In her current pray, she seems, totally engrossed
Or just maybe, she already had a feast and ate a roast
And now only digesting, is the utter and most
Task she is able, for the least this moment, to coast

9 thoughts on “The Lookout Cat

  1. I agree and did Freud really say it? I recently sent a friend a Birthday card with this quote written on it…..whoever said it first was totally right anyway! They do like to be above, lording over us mere humans 🙂


  2. That quote, yes. Even more in this time–I could sit with ours on my lap and never feel I was wasting time…but with him gone, it feels like I’m just sitting… Good photo and poem to match…


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