The cat in their spot

“The cats always choose their places in those spaces given to them, and then it will be their spot and no one else’s” Gun Roswell

The cat in their spot

The cat in a chair sat, just because it was apt to do so

For hours on end, would they time on the chair spend

Watching and observing all those passing by, like a spy

Perhaps true, and maybe even part of some conspiracy

A plot device sent out here to destroy the human kind?

Well, what ever the cat’s purpose might just be

It was not clear to those passing as usually 

A loud purr could be heard from the very source

As those who dared to pet the sitting cat on the spot

Were soon rewarded with an affectionate nod

So, whatever you might think of this very cat

Choosing their very own place in this space we share

The street, the neighbourhood, the planet fair

Perhaps even an alien invader but, then again

Who could easily resist a soft purr and a fluffy figure?

Next time, when getting all around in the hood
Keep an eye open for that one cat you should

As befriending them might just be the best thing

Even if it was just an ordinary common place being

Cat a contemplating on life

The cat sitting in the middle of the street? Well? It can mean several things really – waiting, wasting time, contemplating life, or just sitting, just because they can” Gun Roswell

Cat a contemplating on life

The cat who sat, in the middle of the street, someone even pleading, for them to move away, as traffic would most likely cause some dismay, alas, the cat who there calmly sat, could not have cared any less, because they had a bigger plan, the bigger picture to see, because this was no ordinary cat, whom simply on the streets sat, rather someone with many philosophical thoughts, their mind in a constant swirl of all the things in there hurled, thinking about life, the passersby, even the faint smiles given to them on a few occasion, and so, without moving much, the cat who on the street sat, kept on plotting and planning, the life as we know it scanning, taking serious notes, and then posting those, in the galactic wide board, for the rest of the life forms, to make a note of, a warning of sorts, of what the Hoomans of the blue globe, were doing, without any kind of good form.

The Black Cat a lurking

“The cat might be black, and none too friendly at that, then again, neither are most people“ Gun Roswell 

The Black Cat a lurking

There black cat, strolled from behind the shack, seemingly ready to attack, but perhaps not, as it might just have been alerted there on the spot, of something moving about, as this was the black cat’s territory after all, and the lurking was kind of its domain, so, whomever dared to do just the same, well there was going to be trouble, as the black cat really did not like to share, not their feats, nor their place, as it would disturb the balance of things.

And so, the black cat strutted, around the neighbourhood, just like it should, watching, lurking about, making sure, nothing hinky would happen during its watch, as this was the black cat’s spot and when it was on the prowl, no others, Holman or animals alike were allowed, to step inside the territory of the black cat’s ownership, not without a fight or something similar, and that was pretty much it.

The cat is neatly sitting

If you look around you, there is always a cat sitting there, lurking about, but hey, it’s a cat’s world after all!” Gun Roswell 

The cat is neatly sitting

Cats are totally funny, cats are also great, and luckily for us mere mortals, cats are always around, when you them need, lurking on the ground, but mostly, on the corners of whatever place are the best way, where they can be found, sitting there gingerly smiling, as if they did have some kind of secret, we know really nothing about. But if you are willing to listen carefully and so, to take some time to do just that, then perhaps who knows, they might be willing to share a few with you too and the better you will be for it, and then you too can enjoy the same activities, like do some lurking, stalking and grinning sitting on the corners of every place, and make those passing by, not knowing the secret pretty awkward but hey, one has to have a fun hobby and those cats surely know something of this topic, and so, just keep on doing that thing, sitting around every which way and widely be grinning.

Black cat in blue undercover 

“The cat is trying hard to hide its colour, going undercover in another colour“ Gun Roswell 

Black cat in blue undercover 

The dark and curly coat had gotten them in heaps of trouble, at least among those Hoomans, whom were afraid of a black cat, as superstitious nonsense was the believed word, and so, while following those kinds of teachings, the fear for the dark and mysterious was always at play and also soon enough, the black cat legend of being evil to the core, was a truth them would mislead, and perhaps even to some terrible deeds lead, far more awful ones than any black cat mythology would suggest, at their very worst.

So, now, there was a plan for the black cat, which was to get a new outlook in life and also changing the mood around them, the ensemble in a totally new colour, perhaps nothing too conspicuous, rather something mild even, more on the sad side, to earn the pity points, as the sound of the colour itself, caused people around them to pause, and so, without further thought, the black cat changed its feathers, dying the coat the most coldest and coolest shade of blue and thus becoming the black cat in a blue hue.

The cat and the corner 

“The cat at the corner sat, wondering why the Hoomans are so busy all the time”

The cat and the corner 

The cat, chose this corner on purpose, simply to observe the life passing by, as she herself was simply find, but had started wondering as to why, all these two legged creatures had no time, for anything else, except to rush all day long around. 

It wasn’t as she put too much stock to these odd looking beings and their daily lives, but she had noticed something happening slowly but gradually, that of the change on their faces gone from mild to almost totally blank and now without smiles.

And again, it hardly mattered to this four legged fury feline superior what these Hoomans did or how they looked like, but it was now also starting to bite into her various treats and snacks of a heap, as before, these beings had brought her plenty of gifts while passing by.

But, guess they were far too tense and busy, not having a day of fun and laughs left in them, so maybe it was time for this specific cat, to move on to somewhere more nice, where the sun still shined and people too, were really nice, after all, she had heard the rumors of such places existing and now it was just a matter of relocating, and she totally did.

And now as she sits there in her new corner observing, the Hoomans there keep on smiling and with much respect treating, as the superior feline she still is, with lots of fish

Never trust a smiling cat

“The cat, a superior being in everyday, trustful, loyal and always polite… wait a minute! That is the description, mostly, of a dog! Oh well, a few white lies never hurt anyone!“ Gun Roswell

Never trust a smiling cat

The cat who on the street corner sat in a cool looking hat, and with an attitude that of a worldly guide then promised to take the traveller from a far away country, on a tour around the city, as walking around in a new town, could make one totally giddy.

So, hopping on the tiny moped with a cure two seater side car, as it was not supposed to be too fast, because a lot of great things that way could be passed while riding around too wildly, but not today as the cat had promised smiling, to have an easy peasy slow ride and that way, getting to know all those important sights.

But, soon enough, the tourists from a far, noticed the route, had taken a strange sideline and the cat, while in charge of showing its home town to the strangers from beyond, was now actually taking them to an alleyway, where the noises were growing ever more strong.

As the shocked travellers found out where they had landed, on remote alley filled with meowing cats and kittens as there can be. The cat with the hat, the supposed tour guide then once again smiled, this time, wickedly, and simply stated. “We will take you back, but first, there is an extra charge for that to happen. You see, we need our daily fishies and as we are many, and for that, a lot more money is needed as a matter of fact.”

The tourists then glanced around, feeling sorry for the starving crowd. So, without hesitation, they gave all the money they had and with a thanks, the tour then proceeded as promised from then on without worries as the cat with a wide wicked smile, had earned its daily grind fee, feeding all the family, which was never easy. And the earnings from the weary travellers, usually came pretty easily, supporting the cats cause with a gentle feeling.

Well, that was the tale of odd today, the lesson, not very strong, guess if any, then the one of never trusting a smiling cat, unless you are generous enough to feed the whole litter of them.

Cat a curious of what’s above

“The cats are always curious about everything around them, it’s a good thing though!“ Gun Roswell

Cat a curious of what’s above

The cat is a sitting, not spitting, rather straining its neck, trying to figure out what is buzzing above its very head. The small insects or the bigger birds might just be the pesky pests, the cat has of heard. So, alert is it now, its big ears upward straight towards the skies. Perhaps it is even something bigger, like chopper or an airplane, or if even luckier, Supergirl or some such thing. But whatever it is, the cat won’t budge as this is something it enjoys so much. Being on the prowl of something big, something like a prey or whatever its fantasy might just tickle. So, before we judge the curious cat, let’s all look up and what the fuss is about at that. Maybe we see nothing or then something which will our own curious nature just peek, or something see, which we have always tended to seek. Whatever it is, let’s be more like this curious cat, who is relentless in its search for something bigger than a hat. Let’s admire the surroundings and the skies above, who knows, maybe something will drop down!

Three cats in a row sleeping tightly

“The cats like to pack up, when going to sleep, for warmth and all that, I guess, or then, it’s something else completely” Gun Roswell

Three cats in a row sleeping tightly

When cats, take a nap, they bundle up, snuggly with as many of them in there, tightly

This might just be, for the companionship, or for the warmth, or perhaps, because they can

Curling up, their flexible bodies in balls, as only the cats can, but also across the surface span

Widely and tall, even if they seem quite small, still, giving your very own bed, just to let

Those furry felines to have a rest, well, that is the way of the keepers of them cats

Letting them rest up, when even they must, and if you are lucky to have more than a few

Then maybe you can catch them all in a bunch of perhaps, they decided to make a row

Soon enough sleeping tightly, and leaving the keeper of them smiling as cats are cats

Be that a Caturday on a Saturday, or any other day of the week, they really do like to sleep

And sleep you must let them do, and soon enough follow maybe to a sleep you will them too

The cat in the blue 

“Whatever colour they might just come in, the cats are always great to me” Gun Roswell 

The cat in the blue 

It sat there, proud of being the colour it was of course, the cat in the middle of the courtyard, dressed all in the colour of blue. It wasn’t a simple suit it had chosen, rather a bold statement of not being one of the dozen. Rather a fully realised person of the feline kind of their very own, with individual thoughts and tastes and whatever it takes to make that special case setting it part from the others.

So, the  cat out there sat, waiting for its pose to arrive, as it was clearly party time, for the weekend had just begun and that meant the same thing for these felines as the hoomans too, which was having some fun. The backyard of the house, was soon starting to fill with all them partying cats dressed up real nice, as their host, the cat in the blue suit had been someone them all to inspire. And so, as the hoomans kept a keen eye, on the partying cats outside, they could not help but admire, the well dressed felines making them all smile