The blackest cat

“The black cat did not cross the road, just because it did not want to be a cliche” Gun Roswell

The blackest cat

Intimidating they tried to be, for you see, that was the reputation to upkeep
Sullen and hardcore, a fighter sworn to be to the bitter end you see
As this was the often painted totally cliched image of the black cats heritage
But what if they did not want to live up to said sad and bad reputation at all
What if the only thing in the whole wide world for them was to play with a red ball
Then after the whole day spent, in fun never to relent, they would get
A bowl of milk and some tuna, then meow at the dark night in the light of the Luna
And after a while of having spent some time doing the things they loved
Curling up in a black ball of fur, and all cliches out the open window hurl
Sleeping soundly with a loud purr, next to their best Hooman boy or girl
As this black cat never wanted to be someone bad or the unspoken omen
Only a loved and treasured member of their adoptive family not the offender
And certainly never crossing a road, just because the tale so long ago told

The Peekaboo Cat

“The curious cat will always be lurking around and checking things out“ Gun Roswell

The Peekaboo Cat

The cat who was always so curious peeking her head out from whatever corner or nook she could. She did not care about someone seeing her doing so nor was she easily scared. She simply liked to take a look, of whatever was going on and then she was hooked. She kept on watching life as it went by her, the other creatures doing their thing, living, learning, dancing, even some of them would sing. But, as time went on, she got as the others got old and one day, she realised much to her own dismay, that she had only watched life happening there, outside all those hideaways she liked in to dwell. Now as the interest was still there but she had done nothing to daring, not even showing her face to those others passing by in haste. Deciding today was that day, she was going to take part in the display, rather than simply hiding away. Taking a look from her nook, she slowly but surely took the first ever step, making her way to the light of the day and was surprised, as the others there, while seeing her for the very first time, simply smiled and told her: ?

The Cat and the Girl

“Cats are like music: It is foolish to try to explain their worth to those who do not appreciate them”

The Cat and the Girl

Would you look at that!
The girl with the cat
On the sofa, laying flat

No time to chase a rat
No time for a little chat
Not even an eyelid will bat

No time for the internet
Nothing playing on the cassette
Nothing moves, on the chess set

If you want to bet
The only comment you get
“What the heck,
Are you staring at!”

Cat of the street

“When traveling the world all kinds of cats you meet and that is so neat!” Gun Roswell 

Cat of the street

A random cat on the streets I once met, who totally set, to greet each and every passerby with a paw laces high-five. Mostly the people thought it was kind of nice but one especially found it to be more than wise of a mere cat in the streets and then with a smile, she asked the cat if he was fine or looking for something more in life. 

The cat then replied:

This greeting and meeting of asl kinds and maybe a reward once on a while, has suited me and been my style for quite the while. But if you would offer me a place with a warm embrace and a tune on the side, and besides, you look kind and I would not decline, but rather go with you and have a life oh so totally fine.

The woman then smiled and opened her arms the cat jumping up totally charmed and then the two of them left for their home, neither of them ever again alone. After all, sometimes, the street life may look glamorous and fine, but a good home is what the wants yearns even of the furry one seeker, even if it was the famous greeter.

Cat sleeping on a chair

“The cat sleeps on the chair. Why? Well, he owns it so there!” Gun Roswell

Cat sleeping on a chair

The cat on the chair was snoring loudly, and it was lying there quite proudly. Why you might ask, is the chair occupied by an animal whom should be on the prowling rather than at home snoring?

Well, here is the thing, you see, that cat over there, sleeping, bought the chair in a flee market on the square and now, as he is the owner of the furniture, it’s only natural he should be sleeping on it as well, right?!

So, if you need another place to sit on, then find one or buy one as there is no way you will get the one the cat is sleeping on, even if he was out there doing his prowling thing. It his chair, and that is the end of that discussion in this house hold anyway as the cat always has the last say!

Cats of the world (or rulers of said place, which ever way you want to look at it)

“Cats are great, cats are fun, cats are playing under the shining sun” Gun Roswell

Cats of the world (or rulers of said place, which ever way you want to look at it)

The cats will cheer you up, no matter what and how much you can and will huff and puff
Watch them at play, with the stupidest object imaginable, a scrap of paper perhaps
The game going on and on and on, until that very moment, the cats get tired of the thing
But then, they will most certainly start to sing, if not even one present for them did you bring
And that concert of very loud meows will last until the small kitties get their deserver chow
So, better get that handy, what ever kind of cat candy you will them cuddly, fluffy cats serve
As you are that one time special person, the felines will want to keep for now at least, around
That is, until something better comes along at least, that is their ongoing pun, am I right?!

Cats a packing

“The cats are packing again, on the yards, in the streets, even in the cities, heck they are filling up the land as fast as they can! And isn’t that just grand!” Gun Roswell

Cats a packing

The cats of all shapes and sizes, all breads and kinds, started slowly but surely pouring out from each and every woodwork possible. The were numbered at first in tens and hundreds but as they kept on coming, the city soon was filling up, with furry creatures of the types of felines, making their b-lines to the very centre of the city, and soon enough, there was no place to lay your step as each and every single vacant and even non-vacant patch of the land was filled with cats. They are filing up to the trees, as the streets are full. Some of them climbing up the ladders, all the way to the houses roofs. If this was their plan to conquer earth, it was certainly full proof, as there is really nothing the Hoomans can do, to stop this cat riot of sorts of happening. As they are coming in full force and they seem to all be packing. The overwhelming cuteness of it all that is us Hoomans to please and hey, it’s perfectly working as there is no resisting, this over blow in the tiny brains of this so called Human race.

Sleeping on the job for Caturday

“There is nothing more invigorating than taking a nice long nap at work” Gun Roswell

Sleeping on the job for Caturday

The shop had been quite busy most of the day, then again, it wasn’t unexpected as it was Saturday, after all, the best selling day of the week. Usually those shoppers at work during the rest of the week, liked to spend their one day of free, looking for that perfect bargain, even if it meant hopping from one establishment to the other. Simply to find that one special treasure of a thing, even if there was no need or even use other than money spend. It was an odd trait of these dwellers of this place, but hey, when in Rome, was the motto, for these bipeds hauling their heavy shopping bags until they started to pant. And even after then, having a moment to exhale, the same rounds continued all day long.

But, it was already late in the afternoon, and the owner cat of the one establishment, had had his share of the hurried atmosphere. After al, it wasn’t easy to keep an eye on them all, as it was the one single job he needed to do, making sure, all was up to par, pulling out the charms, while his keeper did the bidding for the customers. I was amazing how much money they buyers were willing to spend, when this furry feline went purring them to greet. It wasn’t such a big feat for him, as he was a natural crowd pleaser and rarely, did he fail in his particular task, as most hoomans loved him to pat and rub. And when their moods got all better, all the shiny things in the shop turned to desirable treasures, presented to others as treats unmeasured.

So, just another busy Saturday, thought the feline of this establishment. Then, finding a quiet corner, before laying down, for a nap much deserved after patrolling these, stuff filled grounds.

Owner of the block

“A cat on the street, looking quite neat, clearly, he is the owner of it” Gun Roswell

Owner of the block

The striped cat, on the street corner sat, vigilant and all that jazz, proud stance to intimidate all those daring to trespass. After all, he is the owner of the block, with plenty of soldiers of his own in stock. Ready to defend their very domain at any cost, if you are threatening and act as a foe. But if you are willing to pay for entrance and yield to his demands, then a reward will be yours in the form of many a company of cats, now and forever to you and yours attached. The decision is yours if you wish this block to score and the reward? Well a lifetime these fine felines to adore. And that is much more than you had dared to ask, after all, this was the very thing you are tasked to do, as the keeper of all these fine fine cats.