The owner of the establishment on a break (for Caturday)

“There is nothing more proud a creature, than that of a cat, especially since they think they own, everything” Gun Roswell

The owner of the establishment on a break (for Caturday)

The cat at the end of the stairs sat

After all, this was his place of business and nobody else’s to claim

And so, therefore, the whatever else kind of aim

Anyone passing by would like to state

The cat would simply ignore them

Because why not, it wasn’t even a chore

As clearly, the cat was the owner

No matter what any Hooman would like to tell

It would never be an easy sell

Not to the cat and certainly not to the person

Because once a feline had made it clear

The territory marked and without fear

Protecting each nook and cranny of the whole

Come hell or high water or some Hooman doll

The cat would never shy away from its stay

Not when there was the whole house at stake

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