Nightly window view in Winter

“The snow, makes all the difference, don’t you think” Gun Roswell

Nightly window view in Winter

It was once again that time of the season, when for some reason
The expectance of having some much needed snow on the ground
Even if the weather forecast predicted it was nowhere to be found
But those hopeful ones, who dared to wish and upon a star dish
Their deepest and most sacred desires, before they would expire
And so, as the night time once again, like every day, on time fell
Some of the fans of winter, remained seated, by the window sill
And all of a sudden, all their wishes were granted, to the very hilt
As the solemn flakes of frozen ice, across the chilly air, were spied
And where there was one, soon enough, more would definitely follow
Leaving the autumn, grey dull coloured ground anything but hollow
And in the early morning hours, gleeful the cheers of big and small
Were heard where ever anyone looked out of their windows small
The snow had finally landed, and the season just got a whole lot grander

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